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Corporate Survival Guide

自從有social media,你我都一窩蜂全情投入打卡、自拍、五香肉丁餐蛋麵都同人分享嘅瘋潮。私生活俾親朋好友知當然冇所謂,但萬一你公司有啲擅長將是非當人情嘅同事〈或老細〉主動加你為好友,唔接受又驚得罪佢,接受咗又驚冇晒私隱,block佢包你冇運行,咁應該點做? ... more



Break Time Reads

你是否有開工無收工? 有否不自覺變成為「工作的奴隸」? 立即Check下自己是否已踏上這狂魔之路! ... more

effective interview

Wise tactics for conducting effective job interviews

Talent Acquisition

It is an indisputable fact that interviewers are mostly the same as the candidates they interview—they also feel panic and need preparing. Here are some tips which help you to be a more effective interviewer. ... more

top employer

How to win a job with a top employer?

Job Hunting Strategies

Working for a top employer can enjoy a number of merits. So how do you win that coveted role with a top employer? ... more

jobsDB: Most popular recruitment media in Hong Kong

jobsDB: Most popular recruitment media for 8 consecutive years

Events Update

In view of the research findings, we are pleased to receive the claim that is the most commonly used recruitment media for 8 consecutive years among candidates who are currently at work for the past 12 months. ... more

Overtime work


Corporate Survival Guide

香港打工仔在全亞洲、甚至在全球以開OT開到舉世聞名見稱。有返工時間,冇放工時間實屬司空見慣。除非老闆規定不准OT(係就比中獎更興奮),否則,加班風氣似乎喺每間公司都無法扭轉嘅現象。其實很多時OT未必代表能提升工作效率,冇OT又唔代表不求上進。睇吓以下兩個真實個案,你有冇類似經歷? ... more

Dream job


Career Management

係人都想搵到份dream job,人工高福利好,又係自己興趣,但成功從來冇捷徑﹗好多人在搵工過程,連邊份工啱自己都未摸得透,嗰幾年hit就一窩蜂爭住做,為咗嬴取三姑六婆嘅美譽,三分鐘熱度就知唔啱自己,結果職場兜兜轉轉。到底點先可以衡量邊份工啱自己? ... more


Are you qualified for the top job in finance?

Banking & Finance

Aspire to devise your career plans and want to be a CFO? The findings of the Hays DNA of a CFO report will give you an insight into the key to success. ... more