career move

When is the right time to make your next career move?

Career Management

If you are considering changing jobs, here are some key questions to ask yourself to help determine if it’s the right time to make a career move. ... more

Hong Kong English Standard


Salary Index

國際人力資源公司華德士(Robert Walters)全球薪酬調查報告顯示,因市場信心回升,本港今年就業市場料維持活躍,預計企業加薪3%至5%,幅度與去年相若。上班族轉工可叫價高一至兩成,升幅與去年相若。 ... more

The Top 5 Skills That Will Make You a Successful Salesperson

6 steps to enhance your employability

Career Management

Want to make sure you can always find a job? Then know what makes you attractive to employers and continuously enhance your employability. ... more



People Management

一項人力調查發現,有六成六受訪員工認為「Z世代」(介乎14至19歲)精通科技,但卻只有不足一半受訪者認為他們可以向「Z世代」學習科技應用方面的知識,比率遠低於亞太區其他國家。 ... more

wage pressure

5 ways to convince your boss you deserve a pay rise

Career Management

There are many ways to work towards a pay rise. The key point is to make your employer aware of your true value to the business. ... more

Are you in the middle of something?

英語小教室 – in the middle of something?

Language Centre

問別人忙不忙,除了 “Are you busy?”,還有其他說法嗎? ... more

jobsDB Compensation & Benefits Survey

jobsDB Compensation and Benefits Survey Report 2015

Salary Index

jobsDB's latest Compensation and Benefits Survey shows that the average performance bonus size for 2015 is 1.4 months of basic salary. ... more

jobsDB roadshow

Over 1,200 members recruited across various districts

Events Update

As part of jobsDB's job seeker acquisition campaign, a 6-day roadshow was recently held across various job-seeker-packed districts. ... more