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企業專訪︰Johnson Controls 江森自控香港有限公司

Building & Construction

推廣綠色建築增加建築物效能,是長遠減少溫室氣體排放的重要方案。江森自控看準前景,積極拓展建築設施效益業務。為配合公司未來的發展藍圖,目前最渴求的是各類工程技術人才,並為人才提供多元化培訓機會,從而推動業務發展。 ... more



Break Time Reads

每逢年尾,不少打工仔最期待就是花紅雙糧,而同時最苦惱的就是收到bonus後到底是去或留。 ... more


辦公室派對Do’s & Don’ts

Corporate Survival Guide

每逢年尾,不少公司都會舉辦聖誕新年派對。雖然佳節當前理應輕鬆一下,但辦公室始終是辦公室,玩樂之餘也要有規有矩,切忌太放肆! ... more

resume tips

Resume writing – how to get it right

Guide to the Perfect Resume

Here are some tips to ensure you present a competent and professional resume. ... more

Having a lot on your plate

我好忙(3) – 「自己都未顧得掂」英文怎麼說?

Language Centre

要話自己好忙,廣東話有很多形容方法。其中一個是「自顧不暇」,即「自己都未顧得掂」,換成英文又怎樣表達呢? ... more

Natural born leader

Are you a natural born leader?

People Management

We’ve all heard the term "natural born leader”. But what makes a leader natural? Here are the 10 qualities that define a natural leader. ... more

Mobile job searching

Hong Kong job seekers on the go

Market News

Hong Kong job seekers are increasingly using mobile devices when looking for a new job. ... more

behavioural based interview questions

Use behavioural-based questions to spot the best talent

Talent Acquisition

When faced with an afternoon line-up of interviews to fill a vacancy in your department, how can you be sure to pick the best candidate for the role? ... more