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5 Must-read resume tips from Google’s head of HR

Guide to the Perfect Resume

Google’s VP of People Operations highlighted some of the important points he considers when reviewing resumes. ... more

忙到唞唔到氣 up to my neck

我好忙(2) – 「忙到唞唔到氣」英文怎麼說?

Language Centre

要話自己好忙,廣東話有很多形容方法。其中一個是「忙到唞唔到氣」,即「忙到透不過氣來」,換成英文又怎麼說呢? ... more

too much perfume


Corporate Survival Guide

有些人的香水就是噴太多了,以致身邊的人都有點吃不消,同事可能都對她有點敬而遠之。可是,如果香水噴太多那個人是你呢? ... more

The Top 5 Skills That Will Make You a Successful Salesperson

The top 5 skills that will make you a successful salesperson

Sales & Business Development

Want to succeed as a salesperson? Equip yourself with these top 5 skills which make you stand out from the rest. ... more

Hong Kong English Standard


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有私人教育機構發佈最新全球英語能力指標,發現香港人的英語水平連續七年下降,全球排名第31位,亞洲區排名第8位,排名低於台灣、印尼和日本。 ... more

日日做到無停手 on the go

我好忙(1) – 「日日做到無停手」英文怎麼說?

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很多公司都希望能夠盡量請最少員工去完成工作,於是員工每天上班到下班都沒停過手,忙過不停。「日日做到無停手」,英文又怎樣表達呢? ... more

Hong Kong Shanghai Through Train

滬港通落實  料銀行金融界將增聘人手

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隨著「滬港通」將於本月中(11月17日)正式啟動,相關職位如理財策劃及分析經理、金融交易服務專員及Java 開發人員等,相信會更渴市。 ... more

how to prepare for an interview

How to prepare for an interview

Ace your Interview

Feel intimidated by job interviews? Here are a few tips to help get you prepared for an interview. ... more