suit jacket fold


Corporate Survival Guide

男士到外地公幹,都會遇到如何收納西裝的問題。到底怎樣摺疊西裝外套才是正確的呢? ... more

dress shirt fit

How Should a Dress Shirt Fit?

Corporate Survival Guide

The vast majority of men are wearing dress shirts that are too large. An ill-fitted dress shirt is uncomfortable and makes you look less than professional. ... more



Career Management

如果你正考慮轉工,但又心大心細,不妨自行審視一下。如果發現自己出現這10大徵兆,就可能代表是時候轉工了。 ... more

jobsDB HR Day happy is a better job

jobsDB launches “Happy is a better job” campaign

Events Update

jobsDB kick starts the “Happy is a better job” campaign aimed at providing candidates the opportunity to find more satisfying and fulfilling careers. ... more


Have you got your bonus?

Salary Index

Employers who are unable to offer a significant salary increase are using bonuses as a way of rewarding, and hopefully retaining, their best people. ... more


jobsDB voted top ten favourite websites in Hong Kong

Events Update

Based on a poll conducted by the HKAIM, jobsDB is voted one of the Top Ten Favourite Websites out of 25 top sites in Hong Kong shortlisted by comScore. ... more


愚人節特備 – 8大經典辦公室整蠱絕招

Break Time Reads

過兩日就到愚人節,我們整合了10個經典辦公室惡作劇,讓你好好整蠱一下你的好同事,又或者讓怕被整蠱的你好好防備一下。 ... more


專家教路 – 學習如何不說「不」

Corporate Survival Guide

由今天開始連續做一個月,對自己及對別人說話時盡量不說「不」,把你想要的正面地說出來。 ... more