Include these tips in your resume writing checklist.

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5 must-read resume tips
Google’s VP of People Operations highlighted some of the important points he considers when reviewing resumes.

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The top 5 skills that will make you a successful salesperson

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In this age of buyer empowerment, the sales profession is undergoing some radical changes. To succeed as a modern salesperson, you will need a new set of skills. Equip yourself with these top 5 skills and stand out from the rest.

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銷售、客戶服務及業務拓展 Sales, Customer Service and Business Development



面對相同的事情,不同人的反應可能會完全不同。因為每個人的過去經歷及信念都有所不同,面對問題時的逆境商數(Adversity Quotient, AQ)亦有所高低。一個人AQ越高,就越能彈性地面對逆境,並且保持積極樂觀去解決問題。





適當地噴香水可以令你更有自信, 亦可令別人對你留下更好的印象,但過量或過濃的香水則會帶來反效果,令人對你避之則吉。如何知道自己的香水是否噴太多?見工應該噴香水嗎?上班噴香水又有甚麼要注意?



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