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Candidates are always open to job offers

While 2/3 of the candidates are actively looking for jobs, the remaining 1/3 are open to apply to jobs they see in job alert emails, according to the latest candidates’ behaviour report by Research Ink.

Now you can engage wider pool of candidates as posting your openings with jobsDB guarantees the biggest pool of candidates.

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New channel to engage candidates directly

Talent Search
Can’t find a perfect match for your opening from all the resumes you received? Want to approach suitable candidates directly with your job offers? Let us help you reach those who are not actively looking for a job but will become available when a good offer finds them.

With our Talent Search function, you will be exposed to a new pool of candidates in addition to the one that saw your job postings. Simply email your openings to candidates who fit your jobs. Learn more new features.

Essential tips to manage your candidates with just a few clicks

Attracting enthusiastic and suitable candidates to your brand is challenging but we can show you how:

Including your company’s presence and values on your job ads;

Emphasising the best features about the opening, together with a

  detailed job description and a brief introduction of the company; and

  Making the process easier by accepting online applications.

More useful tips on how to create a professional and appealing job ad, find and approach passive candidates with Talent Search, and manage applicants’ profiles online on Recruitment Centre can be learned from jobsDB’s free workshop.

For workshop detail, please click here.

Happy is a better job with a new wave of promotion

happy is a better job
Ever since the Happy is a better job campaign launched early this year, we have received many interesting responses from many candidates on how the message has stimulated them. While the “Happy is a better job” buses keep touring around Hong Kong promoting the Happiness across Hong Kong hirers and candidates, jobsDB will launch more activities on this topic. Stay tune to our “Happy Meter” survey release in next issue. Click here to learn more.

human resources insights Human Resources Insights

Tips for hiring middle management for the first time

Adding new middle management means your business is expanding. But be cautions as hiring the wrong person is like hitting the fast rewind button and this can drag the company back to where it started.

Please click here to learn more tips.
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