FAQs about using ‘Apply now’ in the hiring process

Dear Valued Customer,

Regarding the recent email policy change, below are some FAQs which hirers may come across.
Q1: How will this change affect candidate applications?
A: The application process is the same. Candidates can attach a tailor-made CV and cover letter via Apply now function. Hirers’ email address is still needed as we will forward candidate applications to your email through the Recruitment Centre.
Q2: Do hirers need to login to the Recruitment Centre to receive applications?
A: No it is not compulsory. Hirers will still receive candidate applications via their emails. It is not a must to login to the Recruitment Centre to retrieve applications.
Q3: Will candidates be able to apply with their customized CVs and cover letters?
A: The Apply now function can also work like Outlook on desktop. They can attach a tailor-made CV and cover letter, as what they do while sending emails for job application.
Q4: How can jobsDB protect candidates’ privacy?
A: Candidates have options to choose between if they wish to ‘Open’ or ‘Limit’ their CVs to hirers. If they have doubts, they can always choose the ‘Limit’ option.
Q5: What will jobsDB do with candidates’ CVs and profiles?
A: Candidates’ information will be sent to a specific hirer only. jobsDB will not disclose their information to any other parties.
Q6: Do candidates need to be a member of jobsDB to apply for a job?
A: No, all non-members can apply. Their application will be sent to the specific hirer only. Hirers will receive candidate applications via email or they can retrieve the application details from the Recruitment Centre.
Q7: When emails can no longer be included in job ads, how should hirers provide correct instructions to candidates and make sure those who are interested in the job openings send applications?
A: Hirers can direct candidates to click the Apply now button at the bottom of the job ads. As usual, you can always include the application remark, e.g. additional information from candidates.
Please complete the standard application form by clicking the Apply now button. You can also attach your tailored CV and Cover letter with your current and expected salary which we will use to review applications.
Should you have any enquiries, please contact our customer support hotline at +852 2781 3899 or send email to [email protected].

happy hiring,
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