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jobsDB #icanbebetter Campaign

Dear ####Recipient_Name####,

As part of our continuous effort to bring you quality candidates, we’ve recently launched a new campaign called #icanbebetter geared to reach out and capture the attention of relevant candidates. As we place focus on your best interests, we are committed to:

  1. Growing a high-quality talent pool
  2. Improving the freshness of our candidate database
#icanbebetter is a belief jobsDB hopes every jobseeker will inculcate in themselves − that life can be better by motivating oneself to be a better person and by having a better career. And that a quick update to their profile will let better opportunities find them.

Our campaign messages to candidates have been successfully launched on taxis, buses, and billboards too − so be sure to keep a lookout! We are investing to continuously and actively drive traffic to your job advertisements.

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