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PayPal research shows that 6 core markets – Australia, US, UK, Germany, Brazil, and China – are collectively expected to triple online cross-border purchase to US$307 billion by 2018*. No matter the season, the month, the week or the day, there is always someone looking for your product. Want a piece of the action? Download the report to learn more about these cross-border business potentials.


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Tips and tricks for cross-border online business
Know how customers want to pay
Know how customers want to pay
Checkout is the point at which international shoppers tend to abandon their purchases – either because their preferred payment method isn’t available or because they don’t feel confident their payment will be handled securely. With PayPal, shoppers in 203 markets can pay with their preferred local payment methods while enjoy extra protection programs for their purchases.
Clear shopping & return
Provide clear shipping & return policies
The internet has broken down all borders and the world is now your market. Reliable delivery agents extend your service across the globe. Hidden costs destroy trust and credibility. Even if you are offering a great product or deal, it can make the customer suspicious. Be transparent, up front and don’t hide behind.
Consistent and professional
Be consistent and professional
An easy-to-use website, a timely e-mail response, or a friendly courtesy call are all positive reflections on your business. Every moment of a customer’s journey is an opportunity to reinforce the value of your brand. The customer needs to know exactly what to expect. Deviations from the norm can be stressful.
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* Source: PayPal, July 2013, Modern Spice Routes: The Cultural Impact and Economic Oppotunity of Cross-Border Shopping

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