What is #icanbebetter?

We all have goals and ambitions. The decisions we make in our careers reflect our passion to reach those goals, to improve the quality of our lives and for those who matter.

#icanbebetter is a belief that jobsDB hopes to instill in you. It is a mantra that seeds change which grows into an empowering motivation; to be better at work, to be better to ourselves and to those around us.

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Better Inspiration

What is the most important thing in your life?
Other than salary, who or what motivates you to work hard every day?

Christy Yiu, KK Tsang, Kit Man and Liu Kai Chi are individuals who have made certain achievements in their own sectors. They are here to talk about their motivation that drives them to be better and better.

Christy Yiu
Olympic marathon runner

Four years after, it’s my turn to support you in your marathon.

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KK Tsang
Founder of advertising companies

No one would hate going to work if they got rewards that matched their contributions.

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Kit Man
Designer of the “Kickass Type”

The city deserves to have its own font type, so let’s create and write with our own hands.

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Liu Kai Chi
Veteran actor

No matter how busy I am, I never miss invaluable moments with my family.

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Better Motivation

I can be better, so can you.
We are always here to cheer you up.

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Better Career

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Finding meaningful time? Here’s something to help you.


Master the art of work-life balance

Managing work responsibilities and juggling personal priorities can be a difficult feat. Sure, a little relaxation goes a long way, but there is more to it than the usual once or twice a year vacations. It’s an everyday practice that intends to elevate the quality of life. Here we look at few things that might help you find work-life balance.

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Looking to grow your skill? Follow these tips.

Personal Growth

Invest an hour for personal growth

At a glance, 5 hours seem like a lot in one day. Spread it across the week into one hour sessions per day, and it becomes more feasible. Invest this extra hour solely into deliberate learning, and join the likes of Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk as the few who subscribe to the 5-hour rule.

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