Scope and Methodology

The aim of this survey is to:

1) Help job seekers review their present salaries and adjust their expected salaries / benefits when they go job hunting.

2) Help companies make informed hiring decisions, and adjust the salaries and benefits of current staff.

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The survey covered 2,369 job seekers from 23 job functions.

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Present basic monthly salaries (excluding any bonuses, but including commission) of surveyed job seekers as at 1 March 2015 were recorded and adjustment of basic monthly salaries compared with those in 2014 was also captured.

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The survey was conducted by an online questionnaire. Job seekers were invited to fill in the questionnaire from 2 March to 11 March 2015.

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Surveyed job seekers were requested to provide data of their basic monthly salaries as at 1 March 2015, recent salary adjustment, bonus, double pay, job status, intentions of changing jobs and reasons for seeking new jobs.

The data was analyzed to determine the “arithmetic average” for salary adjustment, bonus and double pay received. The upper and lower 5% of the data were being trimmed to avoid the extreme values.

Analysis was conducted to identify any differences that might exist:

1. in job-changing situations comparing 2014 and 2015

2. in salary and bonus adjustment among 23 job functions (Percentage of monthly salary adjustment in 2015 by position will only be shown if sufficient data is collected for calculation)

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