The survey revealed that the career market remained active. 83% of all surveyed respondents are currently employed, in which nearly one-forth of them (24%) have changed job in the past 12 months. Meanwhile, 43% of currently employed respondents intend to change jobs mainly to look for better salary and benefits offer, 80% of them predict a pay rise after job change. Also, 30% of them expect to find a new job within 2 months. For respondents who are now unemployed but actively seeking for a job, nearly half of them (49%) think they can get a job offer within 2 months and 56% of them expect a salary increment.

The overall average pay rise in 2015 is 4.7%, 1.2% lower than last year. The highest increase in salary was found in Building & Construction and Design (both 7.5%). The remaining job functions recorded a pay rise ranging from 2.7% to 6.1%. Also, 51% of respondents received a bonus and the average bonus size is 1.7 months of basic salary. Overall, the compensation received by job seekers in 2015 is moderate.

51% of currently employed respondents received a bonus in 2015. The average bonus size for all respondents is 1.7 months, increased by 0.4 months compared with last year.

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