Our study has shown that over 54% of Hong Kong employers have been looking through
passive candidates in the past year*, and the trend continues to rise.
During this peak hiring season, let your jobsDB profile get you the best opportunities out there
for your next career jump.

Why do you need a jobsDB profile?

To catch your next employer’s eyes
It increases your chances of being invited to an interview, whether you are actively looking for a job or just waiting for an opportunity.

For easy and quick application
Apply for jobs with any device with your ready-to-use profile.

Worried about your profile privacy?

You control your data
All your data on jobsDB is securely protected. You decide what you want to share online. Choose your preferred level of privacy to find jobs easily.

Only registered employers can
reach you

Be rest assured that only employers who are registered with us can contact you. These employers are strictly examined and screened by jobsDB.

How does a jobsDB profile help you find a job?

Allows yourself to stand out amongst competitors
An impressive profile increases your chances of being selected for an interview even before employers review your resume.

Makes yourself searchable
Employers can easily view profiles and shortlist candidates via jobsDB’s “Talent Search” system.

How to make your profile attractive to employers?

Provide complete information
Include your latest work experience, education, and contact information to let employers find you easier.

Highlight your strengths
Impress potential employers by exhibiting your strengths and achievements.

Keep your profile fresh
Update the content regularly to let employers know your latest status.

Become a jobsDB member now and follow these steps to create your very own jobsDB profile
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Here’s your chance to be seen easily and explore more job opportunities.
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*Source: jobsDB Compensation and Benefit Survey Report 2017