Bank MT/GT及Intern面試會問咩?4大常問題目及貼士 準備Interview必睇

Bank MT/GT及Intern面試會問咩?4大常問題目及貼士 準備Interview必睇
Jobsdb content teamupdated on 09 October, 2020

隨着不少大行如Citibank、BOC(Bank of China)已陸續發佈招聘廣告,同學們除了要把握機會申請,同時還要開始準備各大銀行的面試!現時香港出名的Financial institutions起碼有40+間,假若每間銀行都報名,應該會收到不少面試!面對各個同樣重要的面試,怎樣能於最短的時間內,最節省力氣地作準備?答案是:對準目標,集中準備一些銀行面試必答題!以下將與大家分享銀行業面試最常問的四大類問題,各位便可以「對症下藥」,不用花費時間、氣力去準備一些根本不會問及的題目!

第一類: CV-Based and Behaviour Questions

銀行面試通常會問及大量CV-based and behavioural questions,所以一定要練熟此類型的問題,需要利用自身經驗回答問題,從而達到Interviewers的期望。值得一提的是,CV-based and behavioural questions並非背答案!每位同學的經驗及性格都不同,所以重點應為如何表現個人長處和經驗。定期練習,並根據自身情況去refine scripts更為重要!

於眾多CV-Based and BQs之中,以下的問題是近年特別常見的,可供各位參考:

  • Integrity及compliance問題

例如“If you receive a ‘red pocket’ from a client with HKD1000 in it during Chinese New Year, what would you do?”之類的問題,因為對於銀行業來說,integrity非常重要(亦希望未來將會進入銀行界的你,會繼續努力為香港守住integrity的底線!)

  • 情境題

例如“When a client phoned your team to ask about some information of products and no one else is available except you but you are new and not familiar with the process, how would you handle this situation?”,此類問題基本上都是想測試candidate的判斷力或性格,最正確的答案當然是:不知道的事切勿亂答!

第二類:Technological-related Questions

銀行業相對於Consulting、Property and Conglomerates或FMCG等會有較多Technical 問題!除針對不同Divisions可能會有相應的問題外,以下例子是近兩年常見的問題:

  • What is blockchain and Open API and how can we adopt the technologies in our division?

  • How can we digitalize our sales process and operational flow?

  • Any innovative ideas in automating our business process?

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第三類:Market News and Trend Related Questions

市場變化自然會影響銀行的生意和業務,所以銀行一定會藉面試機會測試你的Market Sense,以下三類Market News一定要準備好:

  • How Covid-19 affect our division and our clients?

  • How should the bank respond to and strategize based on current US-China tension

  • Equity, FX, Bond and Commodity market trend and news


第四類:Position Specific Questions

當然,由於報銀行工時需按部門報名,面試一定會被問position specific的問題:

  • 最基本的問題:Why this division?Why this Program?

  • 與Division相關的Technical Qs,例如報Corporate Bank,常見問題有“How do you conduct credit assessments on a company?”

  • 測試你對Positions熱誠,例如“What's your plan in the coming 5 years?”等

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即使你沒有任何關於報考部門的相關經驗,也一定要準備好Position Specific Questions,讓面試官知道你不是亂報,而是有誠意、具潛質的人選!




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