5 common mistakes that can cost your dream job

5 common mistakes that can cost your dream job

Have you ever wondered: why after several first-round interviews, none of the employers have contacted me for the second round? This should alert you that, maybe, you have done something wrong. Check the following common mistakes job seekers make, and ensure these don’t happen to you.

1. Going unprepared

Do you know the company? If the answer is no, how can you persuade the interviewer that you are a good fit? Before going to an interview, check out the company’s website, annual reports and any related news so that you can get a better understanding of its business nature and how your experience and skills match the company’s mission.

2. Unprofessional dress code

Dressing professionally to an interview can give interviewers a better first impression. Too sexy or too fancy are not a good idea unless you are entering the fashion industry.

3. Evading questions

When being asked a tough question during an interview, do not try to go around it. It is more obvious than you think. Listen carefully what the question is about and try to answer it with some real examples.

4. Too much personal life on social media

More and more employers will go online to dig out who the candidates really are by “stalking” their social media sites. Remember to change your privacy settings and remove inappropriate photos and posts before you decide to go job hunting.

5. Being late for your interview

Arriving late for your interview tells employers nothing more than that you don’t care about this job. So leave yourself sufficient commute time as, normally, you only get one chance to either nail it or ruin it.

Other than these, you can also make yourself stand out from the crowd by identifying your unique selling points to employers. You can list one or two points that can differentiate you form other competitors in your resume. This can be: were you one of the highest achievers in your university degree? Have you improved customer retention levels or led a project successfully? Be ready to elaborate these points you listed with examples during an interview.

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