5 ways you can stay open for job opportunities

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5 ways you can stay open for job opportunities

Employed but interested in knowing the available career opportunities out there? Even when you’re not too keen on looking for a new job right now, it still pays to be updated on job market developments in your field. So what should you do to keep yourself on hirers‘ radars and be discovered for available jobs?

Because it’s good practice to stay updated and open for opportunities, we’ve decided to put together this helpful guide to keep yourself visible for great job opportunities. Follow our tips below and get your name in the spotlight!

1. Join networking opportunities that come your way

There are a ton of ways to get your name out there, and networking is the best way to go about it. Thanks to the internet, it’s easy to find events and organizations that’ll help you meet and greet the industry movers in your chosen industries. You can even get in touch with these people, or with like-minded folk who can connect you to opportunities by joining online forums or social media groups. Just remember to present yourself well, mind your manners, and be friendly! Kind words and a sincere smile will go a long way in these settings.

2. Hone your skills and keep them fresh

You say you want to be attractive to hirers and headhunters – the best way to get noticed is to have the most sought-after skills in the job market. “The headhunters I know seek people who have developed themselves and contributed to their industry,” says Karalyn Brown, a resume, interview and job search consultant over at Undercover Recruiter. There are many ways to go about this. Enrolling in classes, whether for full degrees or short courses, is one. You can also learn on your own by reading books, going online, or by joining workshops. You should take any chance to help you develop your skills, not just for the career opportunities it opens you up to, but do it also for your self-fulfillment and personal growth.

3. Keep abreast on industry and job market news

Interested in climbing up your industry’s corporate ladder? You need to be on the lookout for the trends and happenings in your chosen field. Preparation is the key to success in life, and the same rule applies here. Keep an eye out for movements in the industry or job market so you can plan out your strategy and stay ahead of the competition. The internet is a great venue for this, but traditional media like print publications and broadcast news are valuable sources too.

4. Go beyond expectations at work

You don’t even have to go far to start your quest. By doing your work right and exceeding expectations at your job, you’re already sending out the right signals that perhaps you’re due for great things in your career. Make it a point to deliver what is asked of you, and even go the extra mile if you can. Your higher ups will appreciate your effort and would keep in handy during evaluation time. Translation: You might find yourself getting promoted, or perhaps earn rave reviews and recommendations!

5. Keep your profile open and updated

Whether you’re happily content with your current job, or on the lookout for a new one, it always pays to keep your jobsDB profile updated. The same rule applies too for your physical resume and social media profiles. It signals to hirers that you are ready and open to new career opportunities. What’s great about keeping your profile fresh on our site is that we’ve configured our system to show potential employers the latest and newly-updated profiles first, so that every candidate, whether monitoring, active or passive, are easier to spot. Remember also to keep your profiles open or searchable, and update your contact details so that you can be easily contacted by recruiters.

Surviving the job market takes more than doing good work. Having the right skills, experience and connections will open you up to so many wonderful job opportunities. Add to that a great personality, confidence and guts to actually go out there, and you’ll see a fruitful and fulfilling career path waiting for you to explore. Good luck!


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