The 6 resume writing tips you need to hear now

 The 6 resume writing tips you need to hear now

There are so many aspects to crafting a memorable resume: design, layout, structure, content, writing, formatting, etc. While a resume that looks the part plays a vital role in getting you noticed, it’s equally important to dig deeper and focus on the substance of the resume to ensure it lives up to the flash. After all, you want the hirer to stay engaged from the first sentence to the last, which is the main challenge in resume writing. 

Here are 6 understated resume writing tips you should be applying, if you’re not already doing so: 

1.Be human

There’s a common misconception that jargon and buzzwords make one sound more intelligent. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Regardless of your background, technical jargon should be kept to the bare minimum and only used if absolutely necessary. Your resume should read like it’s been written by a human being and not a robot. Keep the language simple and easy to understand: you want to get the message across quickly in a way that resonates with the reader. 

2.Make it genuine

Don’t try too hard to impress the hirer – they can smell lies from a mile away. Always back up your claims of achievements with specific evidence  – preferably quantitative statistics for greater clarity and specificity. Your achievements need to sound genuine in order for the hirer to like you enough to want to meet you. 

3.Drop names

If you’ve worked with reputable industry leaders and global brands, this is the time to do some name dropping. It’s the easiest and fastest way to establish your professional credibility, so don’t be shy. But again, it’s important to strike the right tone between confidence and approachability.   

4.Don’t oversell yourself

It’s all about striking the right tone and balance. You don’t want to come across as too eager and full of yourself, so refrain from over-exaggerating those claims or you’ll risk sounding unbelievable. There’s a difference between dressing up your achievements to convey confidence as opposed to blatantly making them up.  

5.Write to intrigue, not overwhelm

You want to provide just enough information to arouse the hirer’s curiosity so they’ll be intrigued to know more. What you don’t want to do is overwhelm them with so much information that they lose interest after the first few lines. Think of your resume as a teaser – it should arouse interest and curiosity on the hirer’s part so they’ll want to meet you in person to find out more.  

6.Pay a professional to write it if you can’t

Writing is a skill that takes talent and effort to hone. As long as you’re not applying for a role that requires strong writing skills, it’s perfectly fine to pay a professional to write your resume on your behalf. The fact that you’re willing to invest money in your application demonstrates how much you want the job and your dedication towards succeeding. After all, the most successful companies in the world pay professional copywriters to come up with their branding messages – why can’t you pay one to help you craft your own? 

One of the most overlooked factors about resume writing is that it is in fact, a communication tool. It is meant to be read by a human being, as such it needs to be written in the right tone to exude the right vibes to connect with the reader. Forget bombastic jargon and corporate buzzwords. Write it the way you would speak to the hirer in person, using simple, personal language. And don’t fret if you can’t do it yourself – hire a professional copywriter, if you can. 

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