Alternative careers for sales professionals

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Alternative careers for sales professionals

Tired of the finding new leads, making sales calls and meeting your sales targets? Don’t feel down, you’re not the only one. While it’s true that a sales career is one of the best careers out there, it’s also one of the most stressful. If you’re a burned out sales professional looking for possible career alternatives, we’ll help save you the trouble and list down sales jobs you may want to transition into. They’re less stressful, less exciting and well possibly lesser paying but at least your experience in sales won’t go to waste.

1. Sales Coach

Make good use of the years you spent in the sales industry by becoming a Sales Coach. With your proven track record in Sales, you are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for sales upstarts to build their own sales career.

Take a cue from Mike Faber, founder of Aloha Leadership – a leadership training and career coaching company. Faber left Charles Scwab, the company he had worked for 22 years, to build his own and credits the success of his business venture to his previous experience working in Sales.

“The same skills that made me a good salesperson made me a good coach,”

He adds that “asking great questions, listening to what that person needs, and then selling your solution” made it easier for him to sell any client his solution for their career dilemma. These are valuable skills he learned from working in sales.

2. Sales Consultant

Glauciene Bentes transitioned into a Corporate Sales Consultant role from being a former telecom salesperson at IBM and she credits her strong sales background for making it possible. Bendes recalls she was the only one in her unit with any sales experience, and when the position was created, her sales background made all the difference.

“It’s not enough to know the industry, you have to know how to sell people,” Bendes shares. She adds that it took quite a while for her to settle into her new role but her sales background made the transition easy. Of course, the job title change came with several new challenges but Bendes embraced it all. Her new role also came with the “need to think more about the longer term relationship” but it was something she was prepared to do.

3. Bi-Lingual/Multi-Lingual Sales Representative

Not a huge departure from a sales career but expect this job title to come with bigger, harder challenges. Just imagine trying to close a sale over the phone in a language you don’t naturally speak, that’s definitely double the whammy! What makes being a Bi-Lingual/Multi-Lingual Sales Representative worth a try is the promise of earning a huge amount of money, not including sales commissions. This is because most, if not all companies hiring Bi-Lingual/Multi-Lingual Sales Representatives offer language premium which this means earning higher than normal base salary.

These are just some of the alternatives you might want to look into when you decide to move out of the sales industry without throwing all your sales experience into thin air. Sure, they may sound like you never left the industry at all but with all the great things you can get from a career in sales, why stray far?

Explore similar careers in Sales, Customer Service, and Business Development. You can start by visiting any online job sites.

What’s your next career jump? Let us know on the comments section below.


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