Are you ready to work in the sales industry?

Are You Ready to Work in the Sales Industry?

Most people think about the sales industry as a tough nut to crack and they’re right. After all, not everyone is born with the tenacity and innate sales savvy required to make it big in the industry. Whether you’re a newbie job seeker still trying to figure out your career or a veteran workforce member looking to switch careers, here is a checklist of the traits you have to possess to build your career in the sales industry.

⬜ Self-confidence

Pursuing a sales career requires self-confidence – lots of it. In sales, you will be meeting many people, talking to them, convincing them to buy what you’re selling; you won’t be able to do that unless you are confident about yourself.  

You can build your confidence little by little by coming out of your shell to talk to people you meet every day. Talk to that neighbor who just moved in, speak with a fellow jogger, or start a short chat with the person next to you in the grocery line. Use every opportunity for human interaction as a way to help build your ability to carry a conversation, even with people you barely know. In time, you’ll build your confidence enough that starting a convo with just about anyone becomes your second nature.

⬜ Strong communication skills

Much like self-confidence, a career in sales requires strong communication skills – and that doesn’t mean just talking.  Filtering your vocabulary and retaining words and phrases that add power your speech, presentation and everyday communication is the essence of this skill. Industry leaders, managers, and most of those in power share a single, useful trait – they’re all good at choosing their words so if you’ve set your eyes into becoming a sales success story, your first priority is to master the power of positive language.

⬜ Easily accept rejection

Most sales people hear the word “NO” all the time, more so when they’re starting out in the industry. The ability to easily accept rejection and brush it off is a trait every successful salesperson should have.

Rejection can shake your confidence hard – you have to shrug it off and move forward so you can continue pursuing your sales objectives. Don’t feel bad with each “NO” you hear, look at it as a challenge and not an outright rejection so you can begin to realize your true potential. A successful salesperson should possess an attitude that never quits regardless of how many times they experience rejection.

⬜ Excellent negotiation skills

An innate skill to convince people to agree with what you’re saying is the minimum requirement when joining the sales industry. You would then need to hone that skill to perfection as you gain more experience in the field. Pursuing a sales career will improve your negotiation skills to the point where you are able to parry objections, overcome hesitations and come up with an agreement that’s mutually beneficial to both and your client.

⬜ Hard working

A successful sales person appreciates the value of hard work more than anyone else does. They know that unless they give it their best, they won’t be able to reach the pinnacle of success. In sales, commission is everything and unless you have the extraordinary ability to charm everyone you talk to, closing a sales deal is next to impossible. Sales people work hard for the money and it’s only through hard work and determination that they get to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Making a career investment in the sales industry is a decision you won’t regret making. Understanding the sales process and learning how to build a long-term relationship with clients and customers is an advantage you’d bring with you in whatever job industry you decide to branch in the future. With this checklist, you will be able to work on your weak area while continuously improving on your strengths.

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