Avoiding Bad Interviews


Going through the motions of a bad interview is like peeling back the layers of an onion. Don’t learn this lesson the hard way, hands-on during an interview that should be a piece of cake. Even when applying for a position that fits your qualifications perfectly, don’t expect an automatic job offer.

The time to collect your thoughts is prior to an interview, not on your way to one. If you arrive to an interview bewildered , the recruiter will take notice and you run a high risk that you will not get the offer.

Everything you say and do during an interview is scrutinized ; from the instant you walk in, to the moment you walk out. An innocent question doesn’t exist during an interview and a careless misstep is seldom forgotten. Choose your responses carefully.

Interviews are unpredictable . One never knows the broad range of topics that will be covered and the type of formats that may be presented. Familiarize yourself with all interview settings.

Most interviewers expect candidates to be nervous during an interview, and they rarely will forgive you if you fail to demonstrate a sincere interest in working for them. Most hiring decisions are based on whether the interviewer feels a connection to you. The failure to establish a bond immediately is usually beyond repair.

Even if you have the right stuff, nothing is guaranteed. Don’t get caught off guard; prepare for interviews; do your homework.

Source : Englishtown.com