Budget to Strengthen Manpower Training

According to the Budget Speech 2010 -11 delivered by the Financial Secretary on 24 February 2010, the Hong Kong government will put more resources in manpower training of various industries.

Financial Secretary John Tsang said that the Hong Kong government will promote the development of six industries that Hong Kong enjoys clear advantages, namely medical services, education services, environmental industries, testing and certification, innovation and technology, and cultural and creative industries. He said that the government will conduct another round of manpower projection in the first half of 2010, and then provide suitable training so that there will be sufficient manpower and professionals to meet the development needs of the industries.

It is reported that to support the development of the six industries, various tertiary institutions including the Vocational Training Council have been offering programmes to nurture talent. In addition, the government will further promote the Qualifications Framework, which has set up industry training advisory committees for 13 sectors, covering 30% of the labour force. These committees set out the skills, knowledge and outcome standards required of employees so that training courses can be designed to meet the needs of the sectors.

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