Company Reviews: Help job seekers find their perfect match


All job seekers are on a quest to find a job that would make them happy. Before making a choice, an applicant may go through an evaluation process and ask him/herself these questions:

  • What is the company’s culture like? Will I feel comfortable with the environment? What are my career prospects there?
  • Will the job require me to work overtime often? Are the salary and benefits good?
  • Will this job allow me to balance work with my family, daily, and social life?
  • Is this job really suitable for me?
  • If I find this job unsuitable only after I joined the company, how can I avoid repeating the same mistake when I start searching for jobs again?

Unless they’re getting referred to the job by a person they know, it is not easy for job seekers to have first-hand information to figure out these questions themselves. There’s only a limited amount of information from company websites, social media and job advertisements to help form a sound judgment on this matter.

Hoping to help job seekers find the jobs and companies the best suit them, jobsDB is delighted to announce the soon-to-be-launched ‘Company Reviews’ feature on our site. This new and exciting venture from jobsDB is dedicated to job seekers and employees in Hong Kong, and is a fulfilment of our commitment to provide them with the best and most relevant career resources.  And this time, the power is in your hands.

How will my reviews help me and others?

Company Reviews allows you to share your real experiences and thoughts about working with your current or previous employers. As such, you’re not only helping other job seekers have a deeper insight into their future employers, you’re also helping them form more informed decisions when planning their next career move. Sharing your experience would help you determine what you want in an employer and define what makes you happy in the workplace.

Now you may be curious – would the reviews shared on the platform be credible and informative? This will depend on whether the participants are providing comprehensive, constructive, and honest comments. We value our users’ privacy, so all the submissions will only show the participant’s position or department to show the transparency and accuracy of the review. Any personal details (including name and email address) will be kept strictly confidential and will not be published on the jobsDB website or for other purposes.

To make this platform the best it can be for all job seekers, we would like to invite you to share your valuable reviews and give comprehensive and constructive comments to your current or previous employers.


  1. Reviews containing abusive or defamatory phrases, unnecessary personal data of one’s self or others, or sensitive business information will not be published and shall be deleted. To know more, please refer to our Terms of Use.
  2. The Company Review feature is currently in the stage of collecting reviews. The official launch will be announced on jobsDB’s website soon.