Considering quitting your job? Here are 5 sample resignation letters to get you started

5 sample resignation letters to get you started

New year, new you… new job?

The (lunar) year of the pig is officially upon us, and for many, the turning of the calendar can signal a time to reassess our careers—and even take that long-awaited plunge into a fresh start. After all, with plenty of new positions typically opening up from February onwards, if not now, when?

Whether you are considering a full-on career change, a mini-break, or across-the-globe adventures you had long put off, there is one crucial step in your ‘out with the old, in with the new’ plan no employee can skip—penning the perfect resignation letter.

The important notice you submit to your higher-ups not only serves as official documentation for your departure but communicates gratitude (or in some cases, dissatisfaction), sets the tone for your remaining weeks at the office and professional relationships moving forward.  

How and what you write in your resignation letter matters. To get you started, we have crafted five sample letters specifically catered to five common reasons employers quit their jobs. (These are templates and you are advised to tailor them to your circumstances.)

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1) You received a better job opportunity

So you have just landed a great gig with a new company. Congratulations! This needs not to diminish your gratitude for your current employer, and it is important to remain gracious and humble. Don’t feel the need to disclose details of your new role if you don’t wish to.

Dear [your manager],

Please accept this letter as notice that I am resigning from my role as [your title] at [company name]. My last day will be [date], one month from now.

It has been a pleasure working with the team and I truly appreciate the support and opportunities [the company] has given me to learn and grow. I remain incredibly grateful and look back with fond memories.

Please let me know how I can be of assistance in the coming weeks to ensure a seamless transition. I wish you and the company every success going forward.


[Your name]

2) You have been dissatisfied at

If you are leaving an unsatisfactory workplace, you may feel tempted to unleash that bottled-up frustration in your letter. Do refrain; it might be wise to remember that burning bridges in the small professional world we live in might do more harm than good in the long run. Speak out on your grievances but do so subtly and professionally.

Dear [your manager],

It is with regret that I submit this letter as notice that I am resigning from my role as [your title] at [company name]. My last day will be [date], one month from now.

I am deeply thankful for my experience of working in this company. However, I wanted to bring to your attention [the specific incident or grievance for your resignation]. This has unfortunately resulted in an environment that has not been conducive to my productivity, and I feel that it is in our best interests I resign.

I am committed to offering any assistance to ensure a seamless transition. I wish you and the company the very best.


[Your name]

3) You
wish to spend time with family/family reasons

Whether it be a little one on the way, getting married, an elderly requiring more of your attention or anything in between, devoting more time to the family is a common and valid reason to leave your job. You have a right to keep your circumstances private; however, if you see your absence being a short-term arrangement and would consider returning in the future, it would be especially helpful to keep communication with your managers open and leave on a positive note.

Dear [your manager],

I am writing to inform you of my resignation as [your title] at [company name], effective [date], one month from now.

Recently, there have been some changes with my family and personal circumstances [optional details to be included] that will require my full energy and attention, and I feel I will not be able to fully perform my duties in the near future. After much debate, I have decided to take the step back from work to spend more time with family.

I have deeply enjoyed my time here and am grateful for the opportunities and friends I have made here. Thank you for your understanding and please let me know if there is anything I could do to ease the transition.


[Your name]

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4) You wish to change your career

You might be a lawyer who always wanted to be a journalist or a teacher who had dreamt of owning a bakery. Regardless, you have decided to pursue a different path—good on you! Chances are your employers will be equally thrilled for your adventure. Do communicate your circumstances clearly and offer to go the extra mile to help out during the transition period.

Dear [your manager],

I am writing to inform you of my resignation as [your title] at [company name]. My last day will be on [date], one month from now.

As you might know, I have long had an interest in [industry or field] and were recently offered an opportunity working for [new company or field] that I could not pass up. It was not an easy decision but after much deliberation, I have decided to pursue it.

While I am excited about the new direction in my career I will miss you all. I hope to take this opportunity to thank you for the kindness and support extended to me during my tenure with the company. Please let me know anything I can to ensure a seamless transition and hope that our paths cross again in the future.


[Your name]

5) You wish to
travel abroad

The world—or at least another city—has come calling. Lucky you! Don’t be surprised to hear a few envious sighs in the office. Ideally, the possibility of an internal transfer or sabbatical should have already been explored, but if such opportunity is not on the table, remain gracious and include a thank you note to your managers and colleagues as a positive farewell.

Dear [your manager],

Please accept this letter as my resignation as [your title] at [company name]. My last day of work will be [date], one month from now.

I have truly enjoyed working at the company. However, I have recently decided that now is the time for me to broaden my horizons and gain some invaluable experiences that will benefit me not only in my career but more importantly as a person. I have decided to take an extended period of time off work to live and travel abroad.

Thank you for the support and friendships I have made at the company and I will look back on my time here fondly. I look forward to keeping in touch with you. Please let me know what I can do to ease the transition and I wish the company every success.


[Your name]


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