Resume & CV sample for Copywriter

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Resume - CV sample for Copywriter

Position Summary- Copywriter

Copywriters write marketing and advertising promotional material including web content, brochures, social media posts, billboards, white papers, catalogues, sales emails etc., to increase brand awareness and persuade the viewers into action. Copywriters need to be detail oriented to check the authenticity of the advertising content, and that it is in compliance with codes of advertising practice.

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They work in collaboration with the creative team to brainstorm ideas for generating effective texts and visuals to attract the target audience. Though copywriters are usually based in offices, studios, or work from home, but sometimes they need to accompany art directors to visit clients/ studios etc.  Copywriters are typically employed by copywriting & advertising agencies, and public relations firms. They also work as freelancers for a range of clients, or as in-house employees of organisations across sectors, that need to advertise frequently.

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Tips To Write CV For The Position of Copywriter

Below are some tips for writing a CV of Copywriter


  • In a summary statement, sum up what you have to offer to a potential employer. Carefully identify the keywords from the job description that best describe your experience. keep the summary short and concise, do not write it in more than 3-4 lines. To make it more impactful, share 1-2 quantified achievement that is relevant to the listed role.


A creative and detail-oriented copywriter with 5 years of extensive experience in designing unique content for different audiences in addition to bilingual copywriting proficiency in English and Cantonese. Researched, generated, and published compelling text for over 300 brands in Fashion industry.


Emphasize on essential points in Work Experience

  • Focus on your ability to generate original and compelling content, meeting deadlines, as well as work in collaboration with senior writers, creative staff, account managers, and other team members to better understand project expectations. Include your participation in the brainstorming process, and conducting research to develop persuasive texts and visuals.
  • Don’t just highlight your key skills, but also give examples of how those skills helped you to achieve results for your clients/employers in the previous roles. Quantify your achievements by sharing facts and figures to make them more convincing. For example: Simultaneously worked on 6 projects with global clients and successfully met deadlines.
  • Mention your expertise in managing social media presence for your previous employers, and that you are well verse with the nuances of social media writing including the use of hashtags, emojis and acronyms etc.
  • Proofread your CV several times for any spelling and grammatical errors. In a copywriter’s CV, there is no room for mistakes as being accurate is one of the main key skills.


A&M.Com, Hong Kong

Copywriter, September, 2017 – April, 2019

  • Conceptualised, designed, and executed high-quality content across all relevant social and digital channels including traditional, editorial and digital, thereby increasing user engagement by 30%.
  • Built and maintained relationships with key stakeholders such as editors, sub-editors, designers, digital producers, marketing managers, and traders.
  • Proposed creative ideas to senior stakeholders and creative team members in addition to leading multiple projects while maintaining focus under pressure and ensuring accuracy.
  • Collaborated with Creative and UX Designers to ensure compatibility in visuals and copy.

LMN Apparel, Hong Kong

Copywriter, July, 2015 – August, 2017

  • Generated, edited, and proofread web content in line with the brand’s tone of voice, including product descriptions across apparel and accessories.
  • Ensured the quality and accuracy of product information by staying up to date with fashion trends, technical knowledge, brand, and industry specific terminology.
  • Worked in coordination with a creative team of 8 members and assisted Copy Team Leader in identifying areas for improvement.


OPQ Technologies, Hong Kong

Junior Copywriter, April, 2014 – June, 2015

  • Created and proofread blog posts, in addition to supporting a team of 10 senior copywriters and editors with well-structured drafts within deadlines.
  • Conducted basic keyword research  and updated existing content on web pages.
  • Produced promotional text for online ads, banners, brochures and social networks


Key Skills

  • Key skills required for this role are excellent writing, editing and proofreading skills; attention to detail; knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO); excellent research skills; creativity and imagination; collaborative spirit; time-management and organizational skills; and the ability to work independently, simultaneously manage multiple projects and constructively accept feedback.

Software Skills

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office software, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Skype; Hands-on experience in working with content management systems, WordPress,  and Adobe Acrobat Pro etc. will be useful.


Hands-on experience in MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook, and WordPress



  • A bachelor’s degree in marketing, communication, journalism or equivalent is generally required by organizations.


Bachelor of Communication in Public Relations and Advertising

The University of Hong Kong


CV Sample for Copywriter:


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