Cover Letter for Career Change


The career is one of the most important choices in life. Your interests, aspirations, strengths and life style all shape your career path. When walking along the career path, it is likely that you want to change the direction at some point to pursue a career in a different field.

Career change is very common in the job market and to ensure a smooth career transition, you have to start with a well-written cover letter. In a career change letter, you should present yourself as a high-potential candidate by demonstrating how you can apply your work experience to a new career. To make yourself persuasive, it is worth spending time on polishing your cover letter.

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State your background
Similar to a standard cover letter, you should include a brief self-introduction and how you learn about the job opening. To give a clear picture of your background, you are recommended to state directly your plan to make a career shift.

Transferable skills
In the body of your letter, you should demonstrate that you can be successful in your new chosen profession by highlighting how you can transfer the skills you have acquired in prior jobs to a new job.

Transferable skills refer to skills and knowledge that will apply to any job or situation. Here are some examples of transferable skills that employers look for:

  • Leadership and managerial skills
  • Project management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Computer skills

Make sure you exemplify the transferable skills with a brief description of your achievements to show that you are an ideal candidate. Try to make connections between your experience and the job you are applying for:

“While working as a (job title) with (company name), I managed a team of (job title) and I successfully (achievements). I believe your company will benefit from my proven ability to…”

Show Your Commitment
In addition to transferable skills, employers also look for applicants who are enthusiastic and motivated to succeed. It is wise to convey clearly to the employer that you are highly motivated to transition into the new profession. Show your passion by expressing how you seek to gain knowledge about the industry, or how you broaden your network in that industry.

If you have a strong determination to break into the new field and you are willing to start working at an entry level or at a lower salary, say that in the letter.

Finally, conclude your letter by thanking the potential employer for considering you, and how they can contact you.


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