Cover Letter for Content Manager (SEO)

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A cover letter is written by an applicant to make professional introduction and express interest in the listed role. It is often the first interaction between an applicant and a prospective employer. An effective cover letter is one that is tailored to align with the position to which you are applying as it will not only help you highlight relevant skills and experience to the potential employer, but also encourage them to read your CV to know more details.

Content Managers are typically responsible for end to end content management including planning, developing, managing, deploying, preserving and evaluating content for an organization to meet its business goals. They need to be adept at keyword placement and abreast with the latest SEO trends and best practices along with excellent communication skills and the ability to develop original content that elicits engagement from target audiences.

Their responsibilities often involve creating, editing, and proofreading content; devising content strategy; managing in-house creative team and freelance content writers; brainstorming and developing new ideas in collaboration with team members; building and increasing followers on social media through engaging and effective content; providing editorial, creative and technical support to team members; managing content across various social media platforms and ensuring that the content is optimized for Google using Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/ Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tools such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google GDN etc.

To write an effective cover letter and get the recruiter interested in reading your CV, it is important to bring the reader’s attention towards your skills and experience which match with the role and can help the hiring organization achieve its goals.

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Below are some tips to write a cover letter for Content Manager:

  • Read the job description and understand the role to which you wish to apply and customize your cover letter accordingly. Incorporate your career highlights and the key skills you possess which helped you perform well and achieve in the earlier positions you have held.
  • Reflect through your career history and think about a couple of achievements that you take pride in, or instances when you resolved a challenging situation by employing your skills and knowledge. It adds value to represent your achievements in numbers by sharing data in terms of amount, currency, percentage etc.
  • Highlight your expertise in search engine optimization and using SEO tools as well as the ability to develop original content along with important key skills like creativity, leadership, teamwork, and communication etc.
  • Even though a cover letter contains the highlights of a candidate’s career background and personality traits in brief, one must bear in mind not to copy paste information from the CV. Keep your cover letter short and concise to fit it in single page by sharing only relevant information to draw the recruiter’s attention towards the value you will bring to their organization.
  • Even though a cover letter contains the highlights of a candidate’s career background and personality traits in brief, one must bear in mind not to copy paste information from the CV. Keep your cover letter short and concise to fit it in single page by sharing only relevant information to draw the recruiter’s attention towards the value you will bring to their organization.
  • Use a business format and easy to read font. Proofread your cover letter a few times to ensure that it does not have any errors. Find out the name of the recipient and use personalized salutation instead of using “to whom it may concern”. Use generic salutation such as “Dear Sir/Madam” or “Dear Hiring Manager” etc. if you are unable to find the name of the contact person.

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 Sample Cover Letter 


Candidate’s Name
Phone Number
Email id


Hiring Manger’s Full name

Company Name
Company’s Address
Contact Number

Email id


RE: Position of Content Manager with LMN Ltd. (Ref “LMN #####”)


Dear Mr./Ms. (Hiring Manager’s last name)


I am writing to express my keen interest in the position of Content Manager with LMN Ltd. Having completed my bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications, Advertising & Public Relations, I began my career with DEF Services as a Copy Writer, growing to the role of Content Manager in three years.


In my current role, I have managed and analysed content performance alongside strategic ways to develop engaging content in line with the organization’s tone of voice. I successfully implemented SEO content marketing strategies to drive business growth. Some of my key responsibilities and achievements are listed below-


  • Spearheaded Content and SEO initiatives to provide seamless customer experience throughout the entire shopping process while driving organic growth across all social media platforms. Met 100% key revenue targets YoY for two consecutive years.
  • Trained a team of seven content writers on SEO best practices. Managed a pool of ten freelance content writers.
  • Grew traffic and increased conversion rate from 55% to 85% in 3 months through implementation of SEO best practices.
  • Worked closely with the project manager, editorial director and the creative team to ensure search engine optimization using a number of analytical tools including Google Analytics and Google AdWords.
  • Analysed, summarized and presented audits, traffic, conversions, and SEO reviews to internal and external stakeholders.


I firmly believe that my experience and skills strongly align with the Content Manager-SEO role at your organization. Please find attached my CV for your perusal. I would greatly appreciate your time for further discussions on how my knowledge can be useful in achievement of your business goals.  Thank you very much for your consideration.


Yours truly,


Candidate’s Full Name


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