Cover Letter Sample – Personal Assistant

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Cover Letter Sample - Personal Assistant

If you are looking for a personal assistant position, read and live by this cover letter sample featuring some of the most basic elements that recruiters look for in a cover letter. Customise them accordingly to fit your specific needs and qualifications. 

[Your name]
[Your address]


[Recipient’s name] (if any)
[Job title]
[Company name]
[Company address]

Dear [Salutation & name],

With reference to your posting for a Personal Assistant, I am writing to submit my application for your consideration. As a competent and efficient professional with 5 years of experience offering an all-round personal and administrative support, I believe I would prove to be a valuable asset to your company.

Being highly skilled in tackling administrative tasks and running personal errands for managers or executives, I have gained substantial experience in monitoring office operation; serving as a liaison between the manager and other staff; arranging travel logistics and accommodations; managing and scheduling calendars and daily appointments; as well as organizing and filing documents, expense records and reports. Equipped with excellent language skills, I am also proficient in translating and vetting documentation for manager’s review, as well as conducting consecutive interpretation at clients’ meetings.

As shown in my CV, I attained an Advanced Diploma in Secretarial and Administrative Studies at the Hong Kong Management Association. As a personal assistant, I am courteous, multitasking, efficient, hardworking and well-organized, confident to extend my record of exceptional service to your organization in this role. 

I am looking forward to discussing my qualifications in more detail. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]
[Your email address & contact number]

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