Cover Letter Sample- When moving from self-employed to employment

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This is a cover letter sample regarding a formerly self-employed professional who was the CTO at a start-up he co-founded applies for the CTO position at a company that develops software for game developers to create games.

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Dear Mr. Davis,


I am Antony Lee, the former CTO & Co-Founder (Editor’s note: Indicate that you are/were self-employed by including job titles) of a technology-based bicycle-sharing platform in Hong Kong. I came across your job posting on jobsDB and I am very interested in the vacant Chief Technology Officer position at GamifiedVisions. I am particularly impressed by the flexibility of your proprietary software (Editor’s note: Show understanding of the company you are applying for), which allows users to quickly build and deploy HTML5 games across different platforms in both desktop and mobile versions without the need to create code from scratch. I am eager to be a part of your company and contribute to your mission from the technological side.


With an MBA from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and over 15 years of experience working in technological positions, I have the in-depth industry knowledge and an eye towards the future (Editor’s note: Establish yourself as someone with a vision, as all self-employed professionals should be). The question “What next?” is always at the forefront of my mind as I examine new inventions and technologies and strategize ways to implement them in the companies, I have worked for over the years to bring them to new heights. It was this curiosity of mine that led me to conceive the idea of a technology-based bicycle-sharing platform, which was the first-of-its-kind in Hong Kong, and secure big-name investors to back the expansion of the company (Editor’s note: Highlight impressive qualifications and/or achievements when self-employed).


Having built a start-up from scratch with my co-founder, I thoroughly understand the importance of research and development in the success of a company. If given the opportunity, I can spearhead research and development at GamifiedVisions, devise strategies based on the findings to ameliorate the company’s technology and software and execute them to perfection. (Editor’s note: Focus on transferable skills)


I have great leadership skills (Editor’s note: Convey that, even though you are/were self-employed, you are still a team player) and am aware that great people make great companies, which is why I go the extra mile to guide and mentor my subordinates whenever there is an opportunity. At the same time, I have demonstrated my excellent decision-making skills, especially in critical situations.


Considering my qualifications, experience, and achievements, I am confident that I will be able to meet the demands of the CTO role and create a lasting impact at GamifiedVisions.


If you would like to hear more about my background, I would be happy to schedule a call or a meeting.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Yours sincerely,


Antony Lee

+852 9999 0000 | [email protected]


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