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酒店及款客服務人員CV / Profile終極懶人包

If you are looking for a position in hotel or hospitality, read and live by this sample resume and example sentences featuring some of the most basic elements that recruiters look for. Customise them accordingly to fit your specific needs and qualifications.



Courteous and service-oriented hotel front desk agent with five years of experience providing first-rate guest services in upscale downtown hotel. A dedicated team player with proven ability to run a hotel front desk, identify and fulfill customers’ needs, and ensure comfortable and pleasant guest experiences.


Charismatic front office manager with over ten years’ experience in customer service and three years in a luxury hotel environment. A proven track record of leading a variety of interdepartmental hotel operations to achieve optimal guest experience that results in repeat hotel stays and positive online reviews.


  • 5 years’ extensive experience in upscale hotel environments
  • Proven track record of demonstrating excellent interpersonal skills, great attitude and world-class customer service
  • Ability to memorise faces and names to ensure personalised and pleasant guest service throughout guest stays
  • Proactive in identifying guest needs and recommending appropriate local events and attractions, leisure activities and dining options


Job Description

Front office management:

Supervised and monitored the performance level of the front office crew with 10 members in job responsibilities, guest interaction and hotel procedures for 400-room full-service upscale hotel.


Built a strong cooperative team of 25 (including front office clerks, guest service representatives, night auditors, bellhops and security staff) by providing training, creating weekly schedules and giving performance feedback.


Streamlined reservations procedures resulting in further efficiency and organisation.


Provided training to new employees on basic customer service techniques and procedures to uphold company policies and sustain customer satisfaction.


Trained new staff to do luggage transfer, room maintenance, and cleaning tasks.


Serving customers:

Greeted and checked in guests to a 300-room hotel in a courteous and professional manner.


Took and confirmed reservations over phone and through the online room reservation system, maintaining availability to ensure that no over-booking occurs.


Welcomed guests and provided a variety of services such as offering information about surroundings, calling taxis, handling baggage, making dinner reservations and travel arrangements, and running errands.


Provided information about local attractions, sporting events, entertainment and dining options, and delivered tailored concierge services to facilitate patrons’ access to these destinations.


Worked closely with hotel personnel at all levels to ensure 24/7 provision of quality guest services.


Coordinated with housekeeping and maintenance personnel to ensure guest room readiness and deliver room service orders.


Assisted in training new crew members on guest service, front office and reservation procedures.


Resolved complaints promptly and professionally to avoid escalation of issues and strengthen hotel reputation.


Front office tasks:

Experienced in coordinating arrangements for business conferences attended by up to 1,000 participants.


Performed daily front office tasks including cash handling, reconciling receipts, record keeping and computer data entry.


Performed daily accounting duties for the front desk, lounge, gift shop and snack bar.


Organised a filing system on referral contacts, transportation and community services, and local events.


Completed end-of-shift reports and closed out station properly.



Improved overall customer satisfaction rating by 30% since taking position.


Ranked as “Top Employee of the Year” (out of 200) in 2014 in recognition of job performance and customer service.


Consistently received customer survey and online review scores anywhere from 7 to 9 out of 10, in categories such as friendliness, helpfulness and efficiency.


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