CV sample (Retail Sales)


If you are looking for a position as a retail sales, read and live by this sample resume and example sentences featuring some of the most basic elements that recruiters look for. Customise them accordingly to fit your specific needs and qualifications.

CV sample (Retail Sales)


Target-oriented and self-motivated sales professional with a proven track record and five years of experience in a high pace upscale retail location. A flexible and dependable employee who brings sales talent, superb presentation skills, and passion for fashion to your company.


Talented sales professional with seven years’ experience in retail sales and a reputation for exceeding sales targets. A proven track record of demonstrating excellent interpersonal skills, customer relations and product knowledge to achieve optimal customer experience and improved customer loyalty.


Experienced and ambitious sales leader with proficiency in leading a variety of retail operations, including supervision, training, P&L, merchandising, sales, customer service, inventory, personnel and payroll management. Successfully established retail environment with exceptional customer experience and sales performance, while simultaneously reducing staff turnover to all-time lows by leading by example and demonstrating accountability.


  • 5 years’ extensive experience in busy, fast-paced retail environments
  • Proven track record of exceeding sales quotas and expanding customer accounts
  • Proficient in achieving optimal customer experience through excellent interpersonal skills and great attitude
  • Well-versed in performing daily store maintenance tasks


Job Description

Store management:

Supervised and monitored the performance level of a sales team with 7 members.


Managed sales budgets, tracked income and expenses, and set targets for sales personnels.


Achieved revenue growth by 40% in one year by managing merchandising strategy and matching inventory to customer demands.


Successfully created a sales environment with optimal buying experience by ensuring that customers were treated with the highest levels of courtesy and professionalism.


Provided training to new employees on basic customer service techniques and procedures to uphold company policies and sustain customer satisfaction.


Motivated team members and drove sales by creating team incentives and serving as a role model.


Serving customers:

Interacted with approximately 50 customers daily, managed the full sales process from initial contact to demonstrations and sale.


Greeted and assisted customers to identify purchasing needs, using additional suggestive selling techniques to upsell products.


Achieved set sales goals by delivering excellent customer service with floor sales, up-selling promotional items and providing comprehensive follow-up.


Cultivated a strong, growing base of customers and drove sales by upselling products based on their individual purchases and preferences.


Provided information about product features and promotions, and helped customers try on or fit the products.


Achieved daily sales goal by recommending additional products or cost-effective alternatives.


Trained customers on the functions, proper use and maintenance of products.


Resolved complaints promptly and professionally to avoid escalation of issues and strengthen store reputation.


Experienced in handling large crowds in an effective and gracious manner during demanding sales events and holidays.


Store tasks:

Responsible for maintaining customer, prospects and competitor databases and assessing, devising, and implementing marketing promotions.


Organised store displays and arranged new merchandise to enhance product visibility and encourage customer sales.


Maintained optimal stock levels by performing accurate transactions and cycle counts, and helped to order new inventories.


Performed daily store tasks including opening or closing store independently, managing inventory and stock, preparing merchandise for display, processing transactions, pricing markdowns, conducting routine cycle counts and inventory audits, and cleaning shelves and counters.


Assisted in training new sales associates on performing these tasks.



Exceeded minimum quarterly and annual sales objectives by 40%.


Exceeded sales objectives by an average of 20% throughout the tenure.


Leveraged consultative sales strategies to upsell the customer to increase revenue by 23%.


Met or exceeded monthly sales quotas for 10 out of 12 months.


Enlarged the pool of customers through a proactive approach and created sustainable relationships with 40+ new customers.


Commended by supervisor and customers for exceeding performance benchmarks.


Ranked as “Top Sales Associate of the Year” (out of 200) in 2014 in recognition of job performance and customer service.


Consistently received customer survey scores anywhere from 7 to 9 out of 10.


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