Resume & CV Sample for Marketing Officer


Position Summary- Marketing Officer 

Marketing Officers are employed by both Fortune 500 as well as smaller organisation to grow their business. Irrespective of whether they work for large or small scale companies, their job includes creating programs and ad campaigns with an objective to increase sales and gain customer interest in their business. Marketing Officers are in demand across sectors including education institutions, government agencies, retail chains, IT & telecom, entertainment and hospitality sectors etc. In a smaller organisation, the Marketing Officer may be required to work independently, whereas in large organisations they work as part of a marketing team and report to a Chief Marketing Officer or Manager.

The job entails conducting market research in order to identify business opportunities, study market trends, and customers’ requirements. Therefore, a Marketing Officers  need to keep up with the latest trends and constantly develop their knowledge and skills. They work closely with the advertising media and assist them integrate business development strategies. They also coordinate with the manufacturing/ production department to gain knowledge of the products and review strategies.

They do data analysis and carry out surveys to collect information and plan marketing strategies. They build & develop brand image, connect with target audience through advertising and marketing campaigns. They may be required to use varied means for advertising like online advertising, print ads, radio and television commercials etc. They also negotiate with the ad agencies in addition to planning advertising and marketing budget to cover the expenditure. The role also involves preparing monthly expenditure report of the advertisements, promotions events and all types of expenses involved in marketing a product.

Tips To Write CV For The Position

Below are some tips for writing a CV of Marketing Officer 


  • Try and capture the essence of your CV in a summary of 2-4 lines on top of your resume. Highlight one or two of your quantified achievements in addition to some of the key skills you possess which stand you out and match with the job description. A powerful summary plays a key role in getting your resume shortlisted for the position.

Emphasize on essential points in Work Experience- (Quantify your Achievements & Use Action Words)

  • Ponder over your career path and write your strengths and key skills which helped you to successfully perform your job along with your achievements and your unique value proposition. Ask yourself what areas of marketing and the kind of company you would like to work for, followed by customizing your CV accordingly, for the position you are applying for.
  • Identify and use the key words and phrases from the job description in order to get your CV shortlisted by the computerised application tracking system which works like a search engine to scan and select profiles with key words. It enhances the possibility for your CV to reach the hiring manager.
  • Share facts and figures including percentages, money ($), and number of people/branches/outlets etc. Quantifying your results and achievements works wonders and is a great way to prove your credibility. For example: Achieved 150% of revenue targets in fast-paced IT firm. Led 5 multi-cultural and cross-functional product teams to 40% efficiency improvement, resulting in cost reduction by HK$ 1 M.
  • A resume should be well written, formatted, and no longer that 2 pages. In addition to the details of your employment and education, you may also include your hobbies and interest if they are relevant to the company and job specification to add value to the profile.

Key Skills

  • In addition to your commitment to continuous learning, highlight the crucial key skills required to perform this role such as strong and effective communication skills; ability to lead the environment of constant change, team player, excellent negotiation skills and copywriting and design skills including graphics and web design etc.

Software Skills

  • Proficiency in MS word including Word, Excel and PowerPoint is essential and it will be an added advantage if you are also able to use social media as a marketing tool and work with different forms of media like broadcast, print and digital media.


  • Give details of your education in this section. For this role, a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing or a related field is required and Masters in Business/ Marketing is preferred. You may also include any Industry Awards, Certifications, Publications, and additional training and participation in conferences etc.


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