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To underline the importance of finding a better job and have a better understanding between the level of happiness and the factors in changing jobs among working groups, jobsDB conducted an online survey named “Happy is a better job” across Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand from May to June, 2015.  The finding was revealed on 31 Aug 2015 in a press reference held at The Excelsior, Hong Kong, attracting over 15 media to cover the story.


The findings indicated that 62% of Hongkongers are unhappy at work. More than 60% of  the Hong Kong respondents believe “relationship with colleagues and / or boss” is the primary factor that makes them happy (63%), followed by “salary, benefits and incentives” (54%), and “working environment, culture & reputation” (37%).


In addition, the survey also indicated that 86% of Hongkongers think changing jobs is a wise move, and almost half of them reported that they are happier with their new posts.


Are you happy with your job? Click here to find out your happiness score.


For more details on the level of happiness at work survey, please check out the press releases:

English version

Chinese version


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