The dream jobs you’ve long aspired may simply be illusions

Dream jobs

As a motivated fashion stylist who got hired as an intern for a renowned luxury fashion house, Antonio Pignone, 22, has long been craving for working in the fashion industry. However, it did not take long for Antonio to realize the harsh realities of what seems to be a glamorous job.

Antonio writes an article for Dazed Digital, sharing his feeling of having been “conned” and misled by the media’s depiction of the ultra-swanky and glamorous fashion industry. The job tasks that Antonio had to handle were totally different stories–from running errands, doing hard labor and basically being asked to do the impossible.

The case of Antonio is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, there are plenty of job seekers who are yearning for a glamorous job with the things they are most passionate about–be it fashion, art, traveling and everything in between. However, what a casual observer perceives those glamorous jobs can be quite different from what an employee experiences in reality. Fake information and impracticable expectations can make even the most boring jobs look attractive.

Let’s take a look at just some of the most glamorous jobs around and why they may simply be illusions.

1. Social Media Manager

It’s nothing difficult for anyone but a social media manager to update Facebook posts and deliver tweets. Taking care of the social media accounts of various organizations and companies entails more than skillfully crafting posts and keeping up with trending hashtags. Social media management is an austere job which needs a deep understanding of your audience, your brand and your business goals.

Being interested in social media is just a basic requirement, you should also be competent enough to translate your social media efforts to real benefits for your organization. You are expected to be knowledgeable in tech literacy and traditional marketing strategies, which are necessary in planning and managing campaigns. What’s more than your belief in the power of social media should be your capability to deliver results.

2. Blogger / Travel Writer

Travelling the world and sharing it on a blog seems to be quite carefree. However, working as a full-time blogger is totally different from what you think. There are literally millions of blogs and there are only few of them that are making substantial money. Making money from blogging takes many years to materialize. Unless you have some brilliant idea that may likely make you rise to fame and fortune overnight, then don’t even think of resigning from your current job.

3. Event Planner

If you think you want to be an event planner as you are a social butterfly and know how to throw the perfect party in no time. You might think it twice after recognizing that event planning is the 5th most stressful job in the world, according to various surveys conducted over the past 5 years. Event planning requires good coordination and organization skills. Juggling all the logistics and painstakingly overseeing every single detail of an event can push you to the brink of quitting–not to mention the sleepless nights and physical, mental, and emotional strain–all of which are part of the life of an event planner.

4. Flight Attendant

The perception of a jet-set lifestyle where one can earn handsome money and travel around the world appears to offer something that constitutes a glamorous career. In reality, flight attendants may just well be some of the most stressed and overworked people in the world. There have already been many stories on the Internet about flight attendants who were humiliated by rude, irate and demanding airline passengers.

Besides, those working for certain airlines may be quite low-paid. Some airlines, on the other hand, may offer an attractive remuneration but only for the hours that you render while on the air. And some airlines have cut down on their on-board service crews, flight attendant jobs are now considered to be a dwindling job market.

You might now have second thoughts about pursuing your dream career. But don’t be discouraged with the impression that your glamorous dream job might just turn to be a nightmare. The best you can do is prepare yourself and set some reasonable expectations. If you have what it takes to overcome whatever your dream job throws at you, then nothing or nobody can stop you.

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