How to engage your passive talent on the phone

How to engage your passive talent on the phone

More and more HR professionals are using the search feature of job portals to find great potential candidates. But unlike calling an active candidate, who might have been desperately waiting for your call, engaging a candidate who is not thinking to change job immediately requires different skills.

Here are five tips for you to break the ice and get your passive prospects interested in your opportunity:

1. Understand your candidate, and the job you are offering

Do some research on the Internet to learn as much as you can about them, so that you are ready to explain why they should even consider your opportunities. Similarly, be sure that you have thorough knowledge of the details on what actual work will be done in the new job, what compensation and benefits you can offer and the prospects for advancement.

2. Warm up your call with an email message

It is always better to let them know someone will get in touch with them beforehand. Simply ask for their willingness to network with you, give enough information for them to consider, and leave your phone number for them to call back. Bear in mind that you are most likely contacting a person who has already got a job, and you would like to do so with as much consideration as possible for their time and privacy.

3. Engage the candidate in conversation

Once you get the candidate on the phone, don’t be too eager to sell your job immediately. Start by asking if he or she is open to explore a possible career opportunity and discover what they may want out of their next job. Be interested in listening to what they have to say and build a personal relationship.

4. Talk about the prospects and growth

Throwing a bunch of figures and perks in their face won’t get your candidates leave their current company and join yours. Instead, give an overview of the work and the career prospect, like your company’s growth rates and culture, opportunities for advancement, the chance to be involved in interesting and valuable projects, influence in the company, work-life balance, among others.

5. Stay connected

There may be times when you find out your potential candidates are actually unqualified, or that they are not ready to move forward at the moment. Continue the conversation anyway and tell them you would like to keep in touch about future opportunities. You may be able to help them at the right time, or to obtain possible referrals from them.

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