Foreign Investment Hits New High

Foreign direct investment flows into Hong Kong exceeded US$83 billion last year, an all-time high and up 17% over 2010.

The United Nations Conference on Trade & Development’s World Investment Report 2012 said foreign direct investment stock remained stable at US$1.14 trillion, compared to US$1.09 trillion in 2010.

Hong Kong ranked fourth globally in terms of foreign direct investment inflows, after the US (US$227 billion), China (US$124 billion) and Belgium (US$89 billion), and was second only to China in Asia.

The city also topped UNCTAD’s Global Foreign Direct Investment Attraction Index 2011, an annual measure of an economy’s success in attracting foreign direct investment.

Invest Hong Kong’s Investment Promotion Associate Director-General Victoria Tang believed that, notwithstanding global uncertainties, Hong Kong will continue to be a preferred destination for foreign direct investment.

“In the short term, there will be both push and pull factors resulting from the euro crisis. But in the longer term the global economic spotlight will continue to shine on Asia. Hong Kong’s increasing integration with the Mainland economy, plus the city’s enduring advantages mean that we will continue to provide an ideal two-way platform for companies from overseas to enter the Mainland and for Mainland enterprises to go global,” she said.

She said Hong Kong’s predictable business environment, rule of law, stable tax regime, free flow of information and capital, and a workforce with international and Mainland perspectives, continue to make it a desirable platform for investors.

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