Hiring Top Talents through Referral

Employee referral is regarded by hiring managers as one of the best ways to attract talents, yet most organisations do not optimise referral programmes. To create and maintain an effective referral system, you may consider taking the following actions:employee-referrals

You can develop your own employee referral programme by organising employees into referral channels and assigning an internal leader to support participation within each channel. Each channel is given a sense of ownership in the recruiting process and a stake in determining who may be their future team member.

Second, specifically target the type of talent you want. Request that employees think beyond their family and friends and identify the best talent within their field. Third, create an area on your intranet to post the names of these individuals, solicit input on their capabilities and personality from other employees, and identify potential contacts with them.

Next, give your employees training in recruiting. Make sure everyone knows the benefits and opportunities of the position and the company itself, and can articulate why they decided to work there. By providing this structure and guidance, organisations can transform their employee referral programmes from typically arbitrary and reactive approaches, to proactive ones by encouraging individuals to connect with the prospects you’ve targeted.

This method for tapping candidates suggests converting the candidate database from a stack of stagnant resumes into a dynamic “candidate referral programme”. Typically, when they have new openings, recruiters perform a cursory search of the candidate database, but expend little energy to build strong relationships with them – these prospects may also be engaged to provide referrals.

This process transforms the acquisition of talent from an HR activity into “everybody’s business”. This initiative is one strategy that wise employers can embrace in their effort to hire top talent.

Written by: Heidi Adick, Director & Consultant of Dew-Point International Ltd.