“Rewards” and “development” are keys for employee retention


The Hong Kong Jockey Club (“HKJC”) is a corporation incorporating world-class racing and racecourse entertainment, membership, responsible sports wagering and lottery, and charity and community contribution. A considerable number of people join the HKJC every year. Being one of the most popular local employers, the HKJC has significant key attributes – lucrative staff benefits, competitive salaries and great development opportunities. Daisy Lee, Head of Human Resources Operations (Non-Racing), HKJC, said that the HKJC has the following success factors in its employee strategies.

Adhere to “pay for performance” philosophy

“The HKJC treats both full-time and part-time staff equally well. When the horse-racing season ends, all staff who have outstanding performance are rewarded with a season-end bonus,” said Daisy. “The HKJC compares itself to 28 selected large corporations from a wide spectrum of industries to ensure market competiveness to attract and retain talents. Each year, HR will conduct salary benchmark review against these comparator companies for our annual salary review and performance award planning.”

Apart from utilizing monetary reward as an incentive, the HKJC also implements a Corporate Wellness Programme, which gives employees useful information and advice, on healthy diet and physical training. The “[email protected]” programme was launched last year to provide guidance for maintaining fitness, such as provision of yoga classes or stress relief workshops. A running trail and a gym are also provided to enhance employees’ physical well-being.

Commit to employee training and development

Daisy explained, “When a staff member resigns, we do not only lose an employee. It also involves the loss of replacement cost, invested training resources and the institutional knowledge of the resigned employee. The HKJC has over 800 job disciplines in over 60 departments, so if employees think their existing job does not fulfill their career aspiration, they can apply for internal transfer.”

In an attempt to enhance professional know-how, staff can participate in a wide range of training courses to acquire job-related skills and enhance their competencies. The newly established premises at Sha Tin comprise a comprehensive training centre, named as the Hong Kong Jockey Club College which offers all rounded career training services. This new campus is well-equipped with best-in-class learning facilities to suit a wide variety of training needs. HKJC believes strengthening the capability of the staff will also bring a better future to the organization.


Learning in Action Workshop

The greater transparency, the higher the sense of belonging

“The HKJC also offers new employees onboarding programmes conducted by the management. They are arranged to visit the backstage of horse racing and observe the preparation process prior to racedays, or how trainers evaluate jockey performance. Upon perceiving the operation of various departments, new employees have more understanding of the corporate culture and their sense of belonging will be further strengthened.”

Cherishing both internal and external voices

It is not uncommon that employees have opinions about their current job or employer. The HKJC cherishes the voices of all staff members. “I have once heard of an employee who was dissatisfied with the duty roster and the corporate culture, having not been fully aware of his job nature and the HKJC before joining us.” Daisy stressed, “Staff can voice their opinions anonymously on the ‘Me & Manager’ forum. The Employee Relations Team always welcomes staff to share their thoughts.”

Attracting young talent by promoting employer brand

Like other employers, the HKJC strives to build an admirable employer brand. According to Daisy, the HKJC plays a proactive role in driving various charity programmes and in particular with special emphasis on three themes: empowering youth for a hopeful future; building an age-friendly Hong Kong; promoting active participation and sportsmanship as well as making sports fun and accessible to all in Hong Kong. All these initiatives not only make contributions to society, but also consolidate the image of the Club as “one of the world’s largest charity organizations”, attracting both local and foreign talent to join the company.

“As an employer, we hope our employees enjoy working in a thriving and world-class corporation, so as to develop a meaningful career which fosters personal growth,” Daisy said.


HKJC Care Volunteer Team doing volunteer work in Victoria Park


What makes people happy to work here?


Canny Wong, Graduate Trainee (2nd from right):


“After joining HKJC as a graduate trainee, the Club provided us lots of training workshops to equip us and prepared different events to give us exposure. The substantial support from my manager and the Head of Department always make me walk further, see wider and experience much more than I expected. I was also given the opportunity to be the MC of club-wide events, management meetings and internal activities like the Annual Dinner.

The opportunities given to me and the recognition of my work are the key attributes that keep me happy, as I know I am valuable and contributing to the Club.”


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