HSBC—global bank that cares for individual career aspirations

“We promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.”

HSBC is the largest bank in Hong Kong and is ranked eighth in the jobsDB 2017 list of Top 10 Companies. Betty Lam, Head of Human Resources, Hong Kong, at HSBC explained what the Bank offers its staff through its global presence, market-leading employee benefits and career development opportunities.

Embrace diverse cultures to attract and retain talents

The jobsDB survey shows respondents have chosen “company benefits” and “global presence” as the key factors in voting for HSBC, which is headquartered in London and has an international network of around 3,900 offices in 67 countries and territories. “Since 1865, with deep roots in many different countries, diversity has been central to HSBC and drives our strategy to become the world’s leading international bank,” said Betty.

“We take pride in promoting diversity and inclusion in our workplace. We have a gender balanced, multi-cultural, multi-generational workforce and cherish diversity of thought, which helps us to connect customers to opportunities.”

The Bank also has a strong focus on enabling employees to make decisions that are in line with its values. “We want everyone at HSBC to use their own judgment and make decisions for the right reasons,” added Betty. “Sometimes, the best course of action is unclear, but we hope by focusing on the interests of our customers and the communities we serve, we will also do what is right for HSBC.”

Employees enjoy industry-leading benefits

As one of the leading corporations in Hong Kong, Betty said that HSBC regularly reviews and benchmarks its employment terms and employee benefits to ensure they are supporting employees’ wellbeing and the resourcing needs of HSBC.

“For example, effective from July 2017, we have increased the annual leave of our employees – whether they are temporary, contract or permanent staff – to 15 to 18 days per calendar year, regardless of their years of service. Our temporary and casual part-time employees can also enjoy leave benefits. They appreciate that even a part-time customer service officer can take sick leave, maternity and paternity leave as soon as they join the company,” Betty explained.


New customer-driven roles keep pace with society

To support growth and help customers achieve their ambitions, HSBC hires talent and creates new roles aligned with its business strategies. Betty named Digital and Financial Crime Risk Management among areas of growth and highlighted the following roles at HSBC as examples:

  • Digital Product Manager
    Works with colleagues and stakeholders to develop global digital solutions for customers to manage their personal and business finances.
  • Senior Financial Crime Compliance Manager
    Manages the risk to the Bank created by financial crime such as money laundering. Leads the Financial Crime Compliance team to gather financial intelligence and identify suspicious transactions, helping to protecting the Bank against criminals.
  • International Relationship Manager (Business Banking)
    Offers business banking solutions and services to SMEs. The job holder keeps portfolios of international companies with a presence in and/or trading with multiple countries.

Betty added “HSBC is committed to building a growing team of technology experts and to ensuring that we have the strongest possible defences against financial crime.”


One-stop learning hub for employee career advancement

Apart from having market-leading employee benefits, HSBC has also established a one-stop learning hub, HSBC University, for employees to enrich themselves and fulfill their career goals. “It is a unique training centre offering a rich array of tailor-made learning programmes to enhance employees’ management and leadership skills, including mandatory training, resources on leadership, risk management and business-specific training. We continue to upgrade our learning programmes, technology and facilities to provide up-to-date training and knowledge for our employees. The university portal holds a wide spectrum of learning resources, including videos, articles, checklists and guides to support employee development,” said Betty.

HSBC University has dedicated spaces in the Bank’s Birmingham, Mexico and Dubai offices, where colleagues all over the world can come together and connect with each other. They can also develop skills and gain experience in overseas countries through international assignments, which typically last from three months to three years. Highly talented employees also have a chance to pursue an internationally mobile career in various roles and locations through the Bank’s International Manager Programme.


“At HSBC, employee well-being is a priority, supported through market-leading employee benefits, competitive reward and recognition. Access to comprehensive training and career development helps employees enhance their competency and skill to pursue their career aspirations and develop to their full potential. We firmly believe supporting employees to be at their best means that together we thrive,” concludes Betty.


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