Interview Questions on Character Traits

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interview questions on character

During job interviews, employers look for character traits of candidates since they would like to find out if the candidate is easy to get along with, and whether he / she has a bad temper when under stress, etc. Personality is equally important as job skills because certain industries usually look for staff with specific character types, e.g. an outgoing personality is required for people to join the sales industry. The following are a few questions relating to character traits that employers may ask in job interviews.

Do you like to work with people?

If the job requires teamwork, you can tell the employer that you can cooperate with others without difficulty (on the condition that this is your true account). You can also point out a few advantages of working as a team, as well as your strengths suitable for working with other people. Even if the job does not require much teamwork, you have to let the employer know that you can work well with others although you are a self-starter and can work independently.

What are the personal qualities that make you the perfect candidate for this position?

Highlight the personality traits that are match the requirements of the job, and avoid dysfunctional ones.

How would your boss describe you?

Tell the employer your boss’ comments on your work performance, especially those which are your strengths. You can find these from reference letters of your former employers. If some comments are negative, present them as areas you need to improve but not weaknesses that are mortal.

What would you do if your viewpoint is different from that of your supervisor?

Let the interviewer know that you are willing to express your ideas but in a proper way not to embarrass others. In this way, you are telling the employer that you have sound job skills as well as good interpersonal relationships.

How well do you work under pressure?

Elaborate on the positive effects of work pressure such as bringing out untapped potential in people. You can also tell the employer how you cope with pressure, including ways to schedule your work to meet deadlines as well as the methods you use to relax after work. Let the employer realize that you have a positive working attitude.

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