Interview Questions for Salespeople


In job interviews, employers would test your industry knowledge and skills to see if you are capable of taking up the job. For salespeople, prepare to answer questions testing your sales techniques and customer relations skills.

Sell me this mobile phone (or any other product / service).
    This is a typical question testing your sales skills. It would impress your potential employer if you can get his / her attention, address his / her needs, demonstrate your listening skills, ask for the sale, and then close the sale within just a few minutes.
Do you like to work with people?
    A positive response to this question is required even if you work independently throughout the whole sales cycle. It is because salespeople have to meet and deal with customers. If you do not like working with people, how can you convince the potential employer that you are able to deal with clients?
How do you establish good relationships with clients?
    Tell the employer how you keep harmonious relationships with clients through face-to-face meetings, phone calls and emails. Point out that you proactively keep in touch with the clients. You can also give more details on how frequently you contact your clients.
How do you build relationships with new customers?
    This is another standard question testing your sales techniques. Explain that attentive listening is essential in building relationships with new customers and you are a good listener. Show that you know how to ask questions in order to find out what the customers need. Let the employer know that you care to remember what each new customer requires, and are willing to make the effort to build up a long-term relationship with them.
Give an example of a time you had a conflict with the customer.
    This is a question testing how you handle difficult customers. Give details about the conflict. Show how you were able to pacify the customer by providing extra services to them. Let the potential employer know that you care to meet customers’ need and keep good relationships with them.

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