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CV sample (IT Project Coordinator)

心思思想見份IT項目統籌主任(IT Project Coordinator)工?jobsDB今次誠意呈獻「IT項目統籌主任CV / Profile懶人包」,包羅各類工作職責嘅描述句子,梗有一句啱你用!不過記得呢啲句子僅供參考,千祈唔好照抄,要根據自己嘅工作經驗同要應徵嘅工作去customise佢哋㗎!





Dedicated IT project manager with four years of experience monitoring infrastructure and hardware renewal projects. A meticulous team player to lead the team in defining goals, maintaining project schedules and tracking project progresses, ensuring the smooth running of each project from preliminary to final stage.


Enthusiastic IT project coordinator with over eight years of experience monitoring management information system (MIS) projects for government healthcare group policy objects (GPOs), and achieving the MIS objective by setting new project management office (PMO) and workflow strategies. A proven track record of applying different methodologies in administering integrated processes and plans.


  • 10 years of experience in inventory management and usage reporting for tablet computer distribution
  • Well versed in building rapport with the customer base by dealing with ad-hoc issues with professionalism
  • Ability to serve as a system analyst for document management and payroll systems
  • Proven track record of solving billing and invoice issues and overseeing accounts payable workflows
  • Capable of monitoring the complete project cycle and achieving an excellent performance of each project implemented under budget and on time


工作解說(Job Description)


Project Management Support:

Served as a Project Management Office (PMO) Manager for managing infrastructure and hardware projects.


Administered over $80M budget and achieved average targeted favorability of 10% annually.


Enhanced project management proficiency of 40 project managers and devised effective project management methodologies.


Developed, anticipated and monitored project schedules, budget and capacity ranged from $80M to $400M. Resolved all conflicts arisen.


Worked with Project Systems Manager in devising project management initiatives and systems for enhancing project management workflows.


Oversaw project management systems and ensured efficient operations.


Established timelines, budgets and resource allocation for various projects.


Tracked project progresses, evaluated project performance and effectiveness.


Tracked over 80 test frameworks and reported the burn-down status of finished versus remaining test frameworks every week, ensuring the testing team and external trading parties could finish assigned tasks by deadlines.


Project Management Office (PMO) Tool Administration Support:

Served as the system administrator for PMO Tool.


Created projects and updated project maintenance records.


Worked with PMO Manager to devise PMO policies and procedures.


Handled project record updates and monitored sites in Hong Kong and five overseas countries for customer issues about rollouts.


Assimilated project delivery tools and processes with systems development life cycle (SDLC) implementation, enhancing the efficiency of IT project delivery by 50%.


Evaluated possible solutions, collected and analysed customer opinions. Adopted highly competent solution-driven problem-solving skills and achieved innovative solutions that successfully turned critical problems to manageable and efficient systems.


Accomplished Management Information System (MIS) goal by developing new PMO and SharePoint Server (2016) workflow strategies.


Data analysis, reporting formats and tracking:

Developed and revised reporting formats and followed up monthly status reports.


Standardised team documentation and best practices on problem resolutions.


Selected and maintained reporting tools and systems, ensuring the reporting formats are up-to-date and efficient.


Worked with senior management to analyse project data and proposed enhancement strategies.


Evaluated workflow data of over 300 resources and generated updated reports comparing actual and anticipated worked hours and costs.


Generated stakeholder metrics for business performance (BPM), resulting in an increase in report-turnaround time by 30%.


Conducted variance analysis and assessments, integrated project forecasting and budgeting process, and generated management reports on a regular basis.




Relocated a large-scale data centre within 90 days, resulting in only 18 hours downtime to the company.


Arranged IT implementation for new premises including 6 buildings, up to 500 staff members and a resource centre.


Streamlined work processes effectively, resulting in 30% increase in productivity without hiring extra staff or purchasing new equipment.


Led a team of 6 in standardising project delivery processes with systems development life cycle (SDLC) implementation, enhancing the efficiency of project delivery of IT solutions by 40%.


Managed budgets of up to HK$50M and cross-functional teams with 20 developers, programmers and network specialists.


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