Job Seekers’ Long List of Expectations

Today’s jobseekers are focused on more than just remuneration and quick progression when they look for their next job, says recruitment consultant Hays. According to the recruiter, they have a much longer list of considerations, ranging from the stability of the team to development opportunities.

“In general, candidates have become increasingly selective in the roles they are willing to consider and the organisations and projects they are willing to work for and on,” says Marc Burrage, Regional Director of Hays in Hong Kong.

“As a result, salary is not the sole factor in candidate attraction. In general, those candidates that are available are looking for roles that offer a good work/life balance, project or workload security, a stable team and opportunities for training and development. They will also consider the medium to long term career growth potential and the reputation and stability of the organisation in its industry.

“To judge these factors, they are requesting more detailed information about companies and projects before committing to interviews and they also expect to be well informed by hiring managers during interviews.

“They genuinely want to secure the right role for them and their future career development.”

According to Hays, the catalyst has been rising workloads, unfulfilled career development, the instability of some organisations and a lack of appropriate recognition since the global financial crisis. “Many of the people coming to us have excessive workloads after taking on more duties over recent years. With pressure mounting on these candidates to deliver, they are watching the market for new roles. These candidates often feel they are not being rewarded for the work they have done.

“What’s also interesting is that we’ve seen a change in the attitudes of organisations towards candidates who have frequently changed roles. Employers are now unwilling to consider candidates who have changed jobs too often as they also want to secure a long-term employee. This is expected to further motivate candidates to look for a role in which they can achieve longer-term tenure.”

Source: Hays Hong Kong