jobsDB launches “Happy is a better job” campaign

jobsDB Inc., a member of Seek Asia, the world’s largest job portal, kick starts the “Happy is a better job” campaign aimed at providing candidates the opportunity to find more satisfying and fulfilling careers.

The campaign, set to launch in all five countries where jobsDB is represented including Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia, strengthens the company’s commitment to help people find the right job and assist companies in finding the right talent.

Recent studies* by Randstad revealed a trend towards unhappy workers in the region, highlighting “company mismatch” as the primary source of employee dissatisfaction. To answer this need, jobsDB aims to provide placement opportunities for candidates in the region in companies where they can fit in, grow and thrive.

Candidates are constantly exploring opportunities anytime and anywhere in search of the perfect job for them. By matching the right talent with the right jobs and employers, jobsDB hopes to make their job hunting efforts become even more rewarding.

This starts by making sure that candidates get a wide range of choices from quality employers in the region. They can choose from thousands of job opportunities in different fields ranging from IT, engineering and accounting to human resources, marketing and customer services. This, along with jobsDB’s commitment to use the best in recruitment and matchmaking technology, means candidates will have the most fulfilling job hunting experience possible. Hirers, in turn, will enjoy the benefits of getting the brightest and the happiest talents to fill in the vacant roles in their companies.

The strength of this initiative lies with jobsDB’s goal to maintain a recruitment portal that’s both candidate and employer-centric. With more jobs and career choices at hand, jobsDB gives candidates a better chance at finding success in their life. By giving them the best job search resources, their dream of finding happiness in the workplace becomes a reality.


*Sources: AsiaOne | Undercover Recruiter