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JobsDB introduces program in support of the healthcare sector and part-time employment market to help overcome pandemic challenges

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  • To launch the [Stand as One – Recruitment Supportcampaign which offers free job postings for healthcare-related sectors and the part-time/contract job market  
  • To show a concerted effort to help the community get through the challenges together  
  • A flexible solution to ease stress for local employers and employees impacted by the pandemic 

Hong Kong, 7 April 2020 – To help navigate through these uncertain times, JobsDB is now offering free job postings to industries at the frontlines of the fight against Coronavirus, as well as the part-time job market, in an effort to help stabilize the supply of manpower and provide flexible recruitment solutions. 

As the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic continue, Hong Kong faces growing economic challenges. Despite the latest unemployment rate hitting 3.7%, maintaining sufficient manpower remains a crucial element for companies trying to stay afloat in these challenging times.  

Mr. Isaac Shao, Chief Executive Officer of JobsDB Hong Kong, says: “As the pandemic continues to worsen, understaffing and pressure on local medical institutions have become significant. JobsDB hopes to lighten the load on the healthcare sector, as well as other sectors on the frontline. On the job seekers side, our short-term job recruitment plan will showcase alternative job opportunities for supplemental income. Through this small gesture, we hope to provide some remedial support for the job market and weather the storm together with all Hong Kongers.” 

Alleviating manpower shortages to support healthcare sector 

As front-line medical workers and other relevant professionals continue to fight the raging battle against COVID-19, supply of manpower has become an issue requiring urgent attention. From 7th April to 30th June 2020, JobsDB is offering three complimentary job advertisements for employers from the healthcare sector (including hospitals, clinics, medical and health research laboratories). JobsDB is committed to helping Hong Kong overcome with the shortage of medical manpower, and to ease operational pressures.  

Short-term recruitment options to aid both employers and job seekers 

The global economy is looking at a challenging time ahead. Companies and individuals alike will need to adjust their operating and employment arrangements. With increasing underemployment, many are looking for supplementary income sources; while demand for short-term and flexible labour arrangements (part-time employees or contractors) has risen among a variety of enterprises. JobsDB is offering three complimentary part-time or contract-type job advertisements to all companies, to help overcome the current adversities and to present possible solutions for both employers and job seekers. 

For more details on the [Stand as One – Recruitment Support] campaign, please visit: bit.ly/jobsdbrecruitmentsupport 

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