Lack of Development Prompts Young Generation to Quit

According to the survey report on “Employee Engagement and Common Weaknesses of Superiors in Hong Kong with Special Reference to the Post-1980 Generation” released by the Department of Management at City University of Hong Kong (CityU), a lack of development opportunities and further education and training is the major factor that prompts post-1980 generation to quit their jobs.

Dr Eddie Yu Fu-keung, Associate Professor from CityU’s Department of Management, pointed out that lack of development and training opportunities is a unique post-1980 generation factor in regard to motives behind resignation. This group also showed greater intent to leave their current job compared with other age groups (post-1980 generation: 56%, aged 31-40: 54%, and aged 41-60: 51%).

This survey has found out that poor managerial and communication skills are the two major problems of superiors. The top ten weaknesses are: pretension of democracy, partiality, ignoring subordinates’ opinions, poor management, being too demanding, being conservative, unfair reward and penalty, playing politics, being emotional and narrow minded.

Chair Professor Leung Kwok, Head of the Department of Management, said the post-1980 generation has fewer complaints against their superiors, but they had some unique sources of dissatisfaction, such as commenting on their superiors’ penchant for placing talk before action and being resistant to advice.

As for employee engagement, the survey showed that employees of all age groups have a higher engagement when their values are similar to those of the organization, while lack of support and empowerment of the organization will contribute to a low engagement of staff.

This survey was conducted in February 2010, interviewing 350 full-time employees on the phone for comments on employee engagement, relationship of employees with superiors and colleagues, and the common weaknesses of superiors.

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