Make Your Soft Skills Known


Soft skills are becoming increasingly important for you to stand apart when applying for a job. In addition to technical knowledge, an increasingly common requirement is for candidates to demonstrate an ability to add value to the business.

The key way to do this is to demonstrate that you can hold your own in the corporate world. So rather than creating a CV that solely addresses your accounting technical skills, elaborate upon your operation and commercial skills. For example, have you completed process improvements, been part of system implementations or improvements, managed projects or secured new clients? Focus on what you have done to make a difference and consequently demonstrate your commercial acumen.

Bear in mind the key element employers are looking for is how you added value through these projects. It is not enough to simply state your financial or management accounting skills, or say you were involved in a system implementation. Instead, you need to demonstrate how you have added value in your role, in your organisation and through your involvement in projects.

Furthermore, it is essential to demonstrate your ability to liaise with clients and nurture a business relationship. Communication across departments, the management of teams, human resources and project skills are all viewed very highly by employers, and should be demonstrated accordingly on your CV and sought out in your current role to advance your career in the long term.

This change from a pure technical focus has come about through the evolution of accountants themselves. With an increase in candidates who can demonstrate a more commercial focus and who will get involved in process improvements, system implementations and project management while demonstrating increasing management skills, employers have begun to seek out this type of candidate.

So if the opportunity arises, it is certainly advantageous to become involved in special projects, which provide the opportunity to learn and develop your skills. In terms of your long-term career objectives, it will certainly help to take every opportunity to become involved in the commercial aspect of the business – even if this is not a required function of your current role.

Good time management skills are also valued since an ability to meet deadlines is an ongoing requirement. Additionally, employers also look for candidates who can be a good team player, are innovative, and who possess a positive working attitude.

Source: Hays Hong Kong
Edited by: jobsDB HK