Minimum Wage Revised to $30 per Hour

With effect from 1 May 2013, the statutory minimum wage (SMW) rate will be adjusted from $28 per hour to $30. The new rate applies to all employees, whether they are monthly-rated, daily-rated, hourly-rated, permanent, casual, full-time, part-time or other employees, and regardless of whether or not they are employed under a continuous contract.

If 1 May 2013 falls within a wage period, the SMW rate of $30 will only apply to any hour worked on or after 1 May 2013 in calculating minimum wage in that wage period.

Employers and employees should keep proper records in relation to attendance, hours worked, wages, etc. to safeguard their respective rights and benefits and help avoid unnecessary disputes. The monetary cap on the requirement of employers keeping records of the total number of hours worked by employees will be revised to $12,300 per month with effect from 1 May 2013.

SMW also applies to employees with disabilities. Special arrangement is also provided under the Minimum Wage Ordinance so that employees with disabilities have the right to choose to undergo a productivity assessment.

For details on SMW requirements, please refer to SMW reference guidelines published by the Labour Department.

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