MTR progresses with staff – the most valuable asset of company


With over 17,000 staff working in Hong Kong, MTR Corporation (“MTR”) is involved in a wide range of business activities in addition to its railway operations. These include the development of residential and commercial projects, property leasing and management, advertising, telecommunication services as well as Mainland China & international businesses. MTR ranked second in jobsDB’s 2016 Top 10 Companies survey; Ms Emily Chan, Senior Human Resources Manager-Operations shared the key elements contributing to MTR’s reputation as a good employer.

Attract talent with competitive edge

“People are the foundation of MTR’s success. All along, the Corporation provides comprehensive and competitive pay and benefit package and makes reference to the best practices in the employment market for attraction and retention purposes. Along our vision of ‘Engage, Inspire, and Develop our Staff’, the Corporation has dedicated efforts and resources in staff engagement and motivation as well as training and development. All these work together to build up our reputation as a good employer,” Emily expressed.

Foster open communication and positive engagement 

According to Emily, as a good employer, MTR seeks for continuous improvement through positive engagement and open communication with staff. To this end, it has a well-established Staff Consultation Mechanism, comprising Joint Consultative Committees and the Staff Consultative Council. There are currently more than 800 staff representatives elected by staff, reinforcing two-way communication between management and staff.

MTR is also concerned about assaults against staff on duty and has purchased more body-worn cameras to facilitate frontline staff to perform their job duties. To promote work-life balance, MTR provides a range of recreational facilitates at different work locations for staff to take a break in a relaxing environment.

Strengthen corporate and employer brandings by serving the community

Emily reckoned that corporate branding and employer branding are closely interweaved, catering for the needs of different stakeholders. “As a company, MTR is dedicated to provide customer-centric service and bring more pleasant experience to our passengers. As an employer, we are committed to our people philosophy in talent attraction and retention; we also care for our colleagues’ career development and well-being. To build pride in our staff, we have shared stories of some of our staff with the public through our TV commercials and other channels. This also helps people outside MTR to understand more about our commitment to serve the community and our work.”

To further promote our employer brand and contribute to the development of local communities in which we operate, MTR has participated in the Life and Career Education Forum to share career information with secondary school teachers and parents. Some of the staff also serve as mentors of secondary school students under “ ‘Friend’ for Life’s Journeys” programme. Further, MTR also proactively supports community service by encouraging staff to initiate, organize and participate in volunteering activities via the company’s employee volunteering scheme “More Time Reaching Community”.


Every year, MTR collaborates with community organizations and invites the children they serve to join the Christmas Carnival at Depot

Progressing with staff towards “Rail Gen 2.0”

“The opening of new lines coupled with major assets replacement projects are collectively creating ‘Rail Gen 2.0’, a new era for railway in Hong Kong which will benefit our community with enhanced connectivity and help drive economic and social development. At the same time, ‘Rail Gen 2.0’ has brought career development opportunities for staff,” said Emily.

“Our businesses are commonly associated with tangible assets, such as rails and tracks, stations, depots and buildings. Ultimately, however, we depend on the strength and versatility of our staff to design, build, operate and maintain this infrastructure, bring it to life each day so as to deliver safe, efficient and customer-centric railway services. MTR’s HR philosophy is that ‘people are our most valuable asset’, we look forward to progressing with our staff,” concluded by Emily.


What makes people happy to work here?


Yip Tin Lam, Technician Apprentice (3rd from left):

“I joined MTR as Technician Apprentice in 2014 after taking HKDSE. I am thankful for the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills through on-the-job training and sponsorship to attend Higher Diploma programme.


Here in MTR, there is a clear path for the junior staff to progress to supervisor, Engineer and Manager. Structured development programmes are also in place to nurture talents at different levels and support staff to pursue their career goals. I want to follow the footsteps of many graduated Apprentices who are now competent Engineers; I am already saving for part-time Degree study after the four-year Apprenticeship.”


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