Nurturing a professional team to maintain high service level

Tung Fong Hung outlet

Health Supplement Pursue Healthy Life  

Urbanites nowadays pay much more attention to health care, not only the elders but also the younger generation is keen in eating nutritious anti-aging food.  They are aware of “Eat Well Age Slow”, they eat well in order to delay the aging process. 

Effective Staff Deployment

As such, Tung Fong Hung, a retailer of chinese dried marine food, focuses on staff training to build the brand and improve the customer care for accommodating the needs of these ever increasing young customers.

Brand New Experience

Tung Fong Hung was established in 1971 and well known for its high quality genuine products.  Throughout the years, they put effort in research and development in order to diversify their products.   Except the traditional chinese dried marine food, soup packs and instant food are now also available  which the urbanites can enjoy the health supplement food anytime.

For the customer service perspective, Tung Fong Hung also revamped the shops and they no longer look traditional.  New brand elements are added in and some shops are equipped with self-help shopping area as to provide convenience for customers.

Professional Team

Front line staff in traditional dried marine food shop is often more experienced, they use their expertise and experience to promote products to customers, and they tend to train the new staff by giving oral instructions.  Mak Chun Wah, the Executive Director of Tung Fong Hung commented, “As time passes, customers are now becoming more demanding.  We have an established training system mainly for products knowledge and customer service technique.  As the market keeps changing, we also reinforce the retail management training in particular.  Information system and logistics are also upgraded.”

Wong Man Lung, Human Resources & Administration Manager of Tung Fong Hung added “As to ensure the quality of service, we have a set of internal guidelines to indicate our service standard to our staff.  Internal auditors conduct regular shop inspection for evaluating the service standard and to know more the needs of the front line staff.   We also participate in monthly mysterious shoppers programme organized by professional organizations, which we hope our staff can understand the service standard of the market.

Two-way Communication

With a wide range of training programmes, the team is well established.  “We make it clear our expectation to our staff and encourage them to give feedback.  It’s a mutual communication.  As to facilitate communication between departments, we have regular meetings and we encourage cross department team work, for example staff from various departments take part in stock taking.  As such, they know more about the work process and facilitate the team work.  We also asked all our staff to work together in the Brands and Products Expo, which provided a platform for them to communicate with each other.  By doing so, support staff can know more about the work flow of the front line staff which is helpful for them to think of promotion packages and gimmicks.

Attract young people to join in the industry

The retail industry is always lack of manpower, asked if it is even more difficult for young people to sell the traditional health supplement, Mak said “We build up our image on selling genuine products with emphasis on products quality and safety.  We stress on honesty and credibility, detailed product information is always provided.  Such positive image we hope can attract young people to engage in this industry which proves to be reliable with a promising career path.”


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