Overseas Talent Turns to Far East Jobs

A growing number of overseas candidates are contacting recruiters about jobs in the Far East in response to our resilience in the face of global economic conditions, according to the Hays Quarterly Report.

“There are many potential candidates seeking to migrate to the Far East from Europe and the Middle East in particular,” says Marc Burrage, Regional Director of Hays in Hong Kong. “Both these regions are still recovering from economic conditions and individuals who had relocated to the Middle East on large expatriate packages have found that projects have been shut down and so are looking to Hong Kong and the Far East for their next job.

“Given the domestic shortage of skills, it is inevitable that employers will need to consider new candidate pools in order to meet their staffing needs, and this includes considering overseas candidates. Provided a candidate possesses the appropriate cultural understanding and language skills, companies that endorse this strategy early will reap the rewards when it comes to overall staffing success.

“The construction industry is an example of how successful such a strategy can be. Employers within this industry are more open to international candidates given the shortage of professionals in Hong Kong. They have secured highly talented candidates by searching overseas to overcome the local shortage of the required skills.

“When considering candidates from overseas, demand is highest for those with both overseas work experience and prior work experience in Hong Kong.

“Those employers that are already recruiting from overseas have also found that identifying the right candidate is as much about technical skills as it is about cultural fit. The focus on cultural fit is to ensure a new recruit will integrate into the existing team, has an intrinsic understanding of the way the business operates in Hong Kong and is more likely to be retained long-term.”

According to Hays, the interest in local jobs from the overseas candidate market is only set to increase further given Hong Kong’s resilience in the face of current global economic conditions.

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