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It is uncommon in nutrition industry to see companies setting up an internal Medical Affairs team. Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong, one of the major nutritional product suppliers in Hong Kong, has set up one comprising of people with strong science-based profile. This 5-member team is responsible for providing medical, technical and nutritional scientific support to the company.


Promoting Nutritional Science, Internally and Externally

Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong is dedicated to the development of nutritional products for people of different stages in life. To this end, a Medical Affairs team is commissioned to promote nutritional science both internally and externally. 

Internally, we engage our fellow colleagues from other teams in various activities. On a regular basis, we organize product science workshops, online compliance training, and lunch & learn sessions with interesting nutrition knowledge sharing.  Such activities help increase their awareness and interests on nutrition topics, while at the same time better equip them with knowledge on nutrition even if they do not have nutritional science academic background,” says Amy Ho, Senior Manager – Medical Affairs.

Amy Ho Wyeth Nutrition
Amy Ho, Senior Manager – Medical Affairs, Wyeth Nutrition 

Meanwhile, the Medical Affairs team plays an important role in terms of facilitating the company’s external collaboration. “We are committed to generating more local nutritional and dietary data through conducting local researches or collaboration with academics.  Through scientific communications with healthcare professionals and experts, we are trying to increase the awareness of nutrition among the professional healthcare workers,” Ho shares. 

Working in the Medical Affairs team also means abundant exposure to various scientific activities including seminars and expert meetings. This team of professional employees is not only equipped with solid nutritional science academic background, but also with passion in promoting nutrition as an important component of healthy life and public health.  Ho encourages students who possess a recognized degree or above qualification in Nutritional Science, Nursing or Pharmacy and a passion for promoting nutritional science to join Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong.  “Self-motivation, meticulousness and strong communications skills are also essential,” Ho adds.


Exceptional Exposure for Project Interns and Management Trainee

Vivian Tsang Wyeth Nutrition
Vivian Tsang, Medical Affairs Specialist, Wyeth Nutrition

Wyeth Nutrition reaches for talents at an early stage. The company has developed a project internship programme and a management trainee programme which offer diversified training and exposure to the new joiners of this industry.

Vivian Tsang, now a Medical Affairs Specialist in the team, started her career in Wyeth Nutrition as Project Intern in the summer of 2011.  “My journey here started from Project Intern, then Management Trainee and Medical Affairs Associate, to my existing role as Medical Affairs Specialist.  Wide range of orientations, intensive trainings provided by the company as well as coaching from my manager have significantly enhanced my commercial understanding and application of nutritional knowledge to business environment,” Tsang says.

From conducting nutrition-related trainings, representing the company in public health seminars, handling scientific communications to supporting Wyeth Nutrition Academy events, Tsang’s work at Wyeth Nutrition is full of new experiences and challenges.

Wyeth Health Seminar
Tsang speaks at a public health seminar. The Medical Affairs team members speak at various nutrition-related seminars on a regular basis.

She once joined an international paediatric nutritional science conference in Europe when she was a Management Trainee. “It was a thrilling experience. I was so excited to meet many world-renowned nutritional experts in person,” Tsang recalls.

Tsang adds that the most fascinating thing of working in Wyeth Nutrition is its culture of transparent communications and trust for empowerment.  Her goal now is to sharpen her professional skills and accumulate relevant experience, and ultimately to become a strong Medical Affairs professional who brings values to the business and the society.


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