How to present your farewell letter professionally?

How to present your farewell letter professionally

When you are about to move on to the next job, change your career or study abroad, it is always a good practice to write a thank you and goodbye letter. Not only does it leave a good impression to your colleagues, but also helps extend your career network, which may be favourable to your career development in the future. How to present your farewell letter in a professional manner? Below are some quick tips for reference.

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Write individually

To show your sincerity and respect for your colleagues, it is appropriate to personalize your letter to each of them. Address each colleague by name and write some interesting anecdotes which highlight your good time together.

Express gratitude

Delivering your heartfelt thanks to your colleagues through written words is more heartwarming. Mention some of the specific incidents where your colleagues have offered you help or guidance, and say thank you truthfully.

Think before mentioning your next chapter

Talking about your next boss in the letter is entirely optional. If you really want to share it with your colleagues, make sure all your employment terms with the new employer have been confirmed and the employment contract has been signed. Otherwise, it is best left unmentioned.

Only write to the persons you have worked with

Don’t bother to send farewell letters to all your colleagues, especially you work in a large company. Just write to the colleagues you have worked with for certain significant projects or for a long time.

a few days prior to your last day

Don’t send the letter on or after your last day as you may want to leave some time to enjoy a farewell lunch or a nice chat with your colleagues, and share some sweet memories among one another. Send them your letters a few days before you leave, ideally after you have finished all the handover stuff.

Keep the tone positive and friendly

Even the major reason why you are leaving is because of your pay, your job, your colleagues or even your boss, don’t grumble about it in your letter. It will only leave your colleagues a bad impression or deteriorate their morale. Worse still, you may lose contact with them.

Keep it concise

A self-explanatory subject line with two to three paragraphs is good enough. People normally don’t want to spend a long time reading a lengthy letter. Just highlight something you want to share with the colleagues in a concise manner.

Wrap up the letter with best wishes

To write a meaningful farewell letter, presenting your sincerity and truthfulness in your letter is of utmost importance. Don’t forget to wrap up your letter with best wishes.

Give your contact details

Maintaining a professional network with your existing colleagues is essential for your career development. Remember to write your email address and phone number in your letter so that you can keep in touch with them from time to time.

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Below is a sample of a farewell letter:

Subject line: Thank you and goodbye!

Dear (name of the recipient),


I want to take a moment to let you know that I am leaving my position at ABC Company this Friday. I will be starting a new position at a regional publishing house in early March.


Although I truly aspire to develop my career in the publishing field, it is a painstaking decision as you and other colleagues are very nice and helpful. I have really enjoyed my tenure here. During my time here, I appreciate having had a wonderful opportunity to work with you and learnt a lot from you, especially during the time when we were working on the XYZ campaign. I want to thank you for your mentorship, guidance and support throughout all the tough times. It is an amazing experience working with you and I really hope one day our paths will cross again in the future.


You can reach me at my personal email address, [email protected] or my mobile phone number at 98765432.


Thank you again! I wish you every success in all the future endeavours.


Best wishes,


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